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So we had lamb roast, and it was yummiferous. We had alcomohol. We played a couple of games of Buzz. We sang into the night. We did Legends and Anthems and when the others went to bed we put on Rocks. Which for some reason I seem to do very well at. Not only was I consistently beating David, but setting high scores as well. We stayed up later than ever, probably because it'll be the last time for a long time (that, and I wasn't ready to tilt my head yet heh).

This morning we went out for "coffee" with the kids, but then had to rush back and rush to the airport. All the goodbyes, including Stu's, were very rushed, which was frustrating. The flight was ok. Cloudy though, but did come in over the Eastern Suburbs so hopefully have some good photos that I don't normally get.

Home now, feeling very down :(

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