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ahh.. the weekend... I think I need a weekend to recover.. :)

So Friday night the boy arrived, and we made wholemeal pizzas (exceedingly yummiferous) and watched Star Trek and The Bourne Identity, with strawberries for dessert.

Saturday we made wholemeal pancakes as per my recipe the other day. Without a blender or lemon juicer. (!) So had to whisk the batter with a fork and squeeze the lemon by hand.. really not recommended! But they turned out really well, and not lumpy as I thought they might be based on the consistency of the flour that went into the batter.

Then we meandered up to the blue mountains at rather a high velocity. M5-M7-M4 and we're at the Nepean River in about 40 minutes. The wattles are starting to look pretty now..

Wattle on the M4

When we got to Leura, we thought we'd take the scenic route. Ended up at Leura cascades (after passing a sign on a restraunt for a Wayzgoose, I'm sure Stu would want that blogged hehe). Walked down to the cascades..

Leura Cascades

Next it was up to Echo Point to do battle with tourists for a piece of railing.

It was very windy..


Obligatory Three Sisters shot...

The Three Sisters

Next I thought I'd torture Stu, both mentally and physically...

Giant Staircase

The Skyway was even running in the insane wind...


The view at the end of the walk is good though..

Jamieson Valley

And the Scenic Railway arrived just as we did

Scenic Railway

Stu was very brave taking the railway up. Woulda been better going down for his first time, but no intention of ever doing the Giant Staircase *up* heh

View from the train

It only gets to a maximum angle of 52° but it feels a lot more vertical than that

Scenic railway points dowwwwnnnn

So then it was a mad dash back to the car, cause we only paid for two hours parking :/ In fact the whole thing felt very rushed and stressful because of that. Next time (hrmm) will park at the Scenic Railway end, which has bucketloads of free parking ..

So then it was back down the hill to Striker's for a bbq for his birthday.

When Jess arrived, she hit the ground. I joined her.

Jess and Kaz on the ground

Jess' glow in the dark apple

Glow in the dark apple

Jess and I doing Cousin Itt. Very impromptu so I didn't get to brush my hair into place..

Cousin Itts

Lots of yummy food..

Yummy potato bake

More yummy food

No garage is complete without an anvil..


Or pistons..


Then we dropped Jess home and made it home quite late.

This morning we slept in and finished watching the Bourne Identity. Then off to my parents for a roast pork lunch.

Found some relics from my childhood while cleaning out one of my old cupboards of stuff I really should take to Canberra .. not this tho!

Height chart

Or this.. which has been in my cupboard for as long as I have memories..

Cyclops brumby

Stopped at San Souci on the way (sort of) home

City over the bay

We're going to Lord Howe Island in one of these..


There's some really cool trees..

Cool trees

And finally home where we spent nearly two hours pulling apart my big original fish tank - getting the fish out, then the plants, then thorough gravel vacuuming, cleaning and finally playing tetris to get it all into Stu's car.

So now the study feels a bit more lonely, and a lot quieter..
Oh yeah .. my calves.. *killing* me .. !!

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