What were they thinking???

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Whoever it was at CW that decided to cancel Veronica Mars should be shot. Or cut into little pieces. Or something equally horrific.

So we're watching episode 20 and she walks off after voting, and I'm like "ok, where's the next one?" and Stu says there is no next one.. and I'm like WTF????? They can't just end it like that!!!! There was no closure!! What a bunch of bumheads!!! It was an awful let down :(

So that made me quite grumpy.

And then I read that Warner is having trouble with music licensing and doesn't look like they'll be selling the dvds here any time soon *sigh*


Dave2 said:

Pray for a Veronica Mars feature film to wrap it all up. :-(

August 28, 2007 10:17 AM


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