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So Google has reverted to older images of the Sydney CBD. Possibly in anticipation of APEC, and being all paranoid-like. Personally I think it's an improvement. The images they uploaded after Australia Day were a disaster, with an awful mish-mash of buildings and streets that looked terrible. At least now all the buildings are facing the same way. Maybe when they revert to the newer images they'll fix everything up. We can only live in hope.

Google Sydney - mish mash Google Sydney - normal

Have I ever mentioned that I was once on Burgo's Catch Phrase? Seems I've mentioned the auditions.. So. In October 2002 I was on Catchphrase. I happened to be on the same night as Dawn Lewis. I lost. She went on to win the car. I don't feel so bad about losing to someone who was good enough to win the car. There was one other girl who was there at the same time as me who was lucky enough not to have to go up against Dawn. She was on for two nights I think. I wished I was her :) Of course it wouldn't have made much difference. I was wearing contacts at the time and couldn't see across the floor to the monitor to actually see what was coming up. I was at a distinct disadvantage. That, and going up against Dawn :) At least I won something, the other girl I was with didn't even get a single thing. The only reason this came up tonight was that mum was printing some photos and printed the one with me and Burgo and Adriana Xenides, who happened to be co-hosting the week I was on.

Burgo's Catch Phrase with Adriana Xenides

Oh yeah, I turned 12418 days old today. Minor achievement.


Missy said:

Happy 12418 days! What a proud accomplishment!

Cute picture to mark the day; excellent.

Have a good 12418th day!

Best, Missy

August 15, 2007 12:09 AM


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