Flying fish

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Funny how that whenever corys swim into open water it looks as if they're flying. Don't know what it is about them. Maybe I'm just always used to seeing them at ground level...

My mission for today was to sort out fish stuff. All of it. There were piles. And more piles.

Piles and piles of fish stuff

So dragged everything out of the various rooms they'd been scattered in and sorted everything into categories. At which point I ran out of steam :)

Stu was up to travelling, so we went to the Hub for lunch and then to Magnetmart to find some storage containers. We got four smallish containers that held a decent chunk of the stuff, just not the bulkier stuff. Will have to deal with that another day.

Tonight Stu cooked a chicken curry which was a tad warm but not too bad, and we watched Funny Videos and some more Veronica Mars.

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