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I'm back to scraping sealant off my shower tiles. Even though I did the worst of it a few years ago, most of the top half still has yellowing sealant coated all over the tiles. It doesn't have so much mould in it because it doesn't get as wet, but I decided I want to regrout my shower before I leave, and I'll need to clean up the tiles first. Such a pity I only have a few weeks left ... this one's gonna be close...


delmer said:

I spent hours with a razor blade (several years ago) scraping moldy caulk and then recaulking. I'm not sure if the original caulk was supposed to be mold resistant or not -- mold seemed to take to it pretty well -- but the stuff I replaced it with has stayed mold free these past 5 years.

September 14, 2007 10:09 PM


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