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The plan

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So the idea today (not sure if it was Luc's or my idea, it could have been Luc's) was to take one of the fish tanks into work. Totally brilliant idea. There's a good strong desk in between two people's desks, in a space that's otherwise doing nothing. I decided I'll leave the new one at home (so the neighbours can come visit their fishies whenever they want to), and take "tank 3" which currently holds about 30 baby kribs into work. I'll take the babies into work too until they're big enough to sell (a couple of them are but most are fairly small still), and then I'll try something else in the tank later on.

So tonight I drained their tank into a couple of big tubs, and moved the filters into the one with the fish. I'll take the tank in tomorrow and fill it and start loading gravel into it (I'll need some more gravel, a light hood and another filter) and take the babies in later in the week.


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I enabled Gravatar on my blog today. Installing it was easy, but then I wanted to make a default image for people without a gravatar identity. And then it was the usual fight with templates and style sheets to get it looking vaguely how I wanted it (a shameless rip-off of Dave's style).

So now all we need is for a few of my more regular commenters (Ben, JC, Yvonne etc) to get themselves a gravatar :) Sign up here :)

Week 108

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  1. You’ve got a friend:: in need
  2. Immigration:: detention
  3. Waitress:: serve
  4. Snickers:: chocolate
  5. Recognize:: relate
  6. Concept:: interesting
  7. Birthday:: celebration
  8. Told you so:: nyer
  9. Unlikely:: chance
  10. Extension:: Phone

It's all Ben's fault!

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I blame Ben for wasting big chunks of my time today. At least I didn't see his post last night and went to bed before him, otherwise I would have been up late too!

It's Wikipedia's Unusual Articles collection.

Several articles caught my fancy. There was Acetylseryltyrosylserylisol...serine, which I typed once when I was typing up "Dodger's Death" (which I'll need to find and post sometime). It's supposed to be the longest word in the english language, but when I learned about proteins at uni, all my illusions were shattered, when I realised it was just the name of a protein, and you could write out any protein this way.

Then there was the Photic sneeze reflex, the medical condition by which people exposed to bright light involuntarily sneeze. I once was walking back from lunch with someone at work, and they said they hated walking past a particular building (it was painted white and was right next the footpath) because it always made them sneeze. And I'm going "wtf?", how on earth could walking past a building make you sneeze. I thought perhaps there were weeds growing in the carpark nearby that he was allergic to or something. Then I read this article and I was like "wow" .. heh

There's an article that further confirms Dave's notion that clowns are evil, a whole article dedicated to badger badger badger, and one on the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge in 1940.

Now really must get back to deciding what to do about the fish tanks..

Fishy dilema

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So last night I inherited five new fish from one of the neighbours. This morning they brought the tank up.

But now I am in a dilema. Do I really want to setup a new tank, given that my current ones are such a disaster? Or do I want to try and scale back?

The new fish are two tiger barbs, a white angel, a yellow cichlid, and a huge catfish (with menacing teeth). All quite agressive fish, so even if my other tanks were healthy at the moment, which they're not, the new fish would be likely to terrorise my existing ones. The tank came complete with undergravel filter and a pH test kit. So I ran around testing all my tanks. My four existing tanks have a pH under 6, which is bad news for adding new fish to, as they'd be used to a much more neutral pH. The new tank came with some water that was around 7.3. So I really need to keep the new fish together in a slightly alkaline water until I can get the pH of the other tanks up a bit.

The main problem with another tank, aside from the fact that I literally have nowhere to put it, and would have to invest in a stand for it, and some lights, is that my water changing setup is a disaster. Even if I could muster up the motivation again to do very regular water changes, there's the problem of where to age the water, and what to do with the waste. I currently have a 30L bucket which I keep water in for at least two days, so that I don't need to use water conditioners. Then I have a 30L bucket to hold emptied water until I can use it on my balcony garden. But the pot plants really only need 15L of water per week. And I feel guilty about pouring it down the sink (well, the toilet actually) because of the water restrictions in Sydney at the moment. And bottling it up and taking it outside to water plants around the building would take entirely too much effort.

So with water changes going to not be often enough to get/keep the pH in my tanks up, the only other choice is using "pH-up" (sodium bicarbonate). But this presents its own problems. Adding chemicals, of any sort, has a tendency to throw balances of who-knows-what off. The classic example is many fish medications, which have a tendency to kill off the "good" bacteria that breaks down ammonia and nitrites. You then end up with ammonia spikes which are even worse for the fish. Anything you add to a tank has the potential to affect the delicate balances in play.

So. Even after a long rant, I'm still no closer to deciding what to do. Maybe I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Haven't done a Thursday Challenge in a while - just too lazy. This week's apparently is "Motion".

So take one string of fairy lights, one computer chair, and spin.


FQ TOPIC: Collectable

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FQ1: Are you a collector? If so, what are some of the things you collect?
Collector isn't really the word. I'm a hoarder. The bad thing is, if I start collecting stuff, there's no stopping me. I've been collecting coins for years (mostly aus stuff tho). I started collecting the original space lego, and kept going until I got the lot. I collect dvds, lego bricks, and *crap*. I rarely throw anything out. And I seem to be collecting fish tanks. Four at last count, and I just inherited another one from a neighbour.

FQ2: If you could collect anything... no matter how rare or expensive, what would it be?
um. space? room to accommodate my silly whims and hobbies.. :) that, and a place that I could watch sunsets.

FQ3: Looking around you, what is some ordinary, everyday object you possess that would make an interesting collectable 100 years from now?
Well Lego has been around for 50 years already and is showing no signs of slowing down. My Lego collection, if I still had it, would probably be collectable.

FQ RECOMMENDED: Are there any public collections you enjoy (museums, galleries, etc.) that we should know about?
My favourite museums in Australia are the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo, and Questacon in Canberra. The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum on DC were also pretty cool. Haven't been to too many museums.


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Lost another baby krib yesterday. Who knows how many other dead ones are amongst the moss. Really should try and sell em before they all die :/

And lost one of the neon tetras in the tetra tank. This is the biggest neon tetra I have ever seen, at nearly two years old. I measured him when I pulled him out of the tank - 4cm ! Noticed he was looking a bit distressed yesterday, and tonight he'd gone :(

The betta in the tetra tank is also looking very sad. He's a year and a half old, and hasn't been well for a couple of weeks.

And finally worried about one of the black angels. She's been off her food for a week or two, same as what happened to the white angel just before she died :(

All my tanks are a disaster at the moment and I don't know why. Probably acidic water from not enough changes. That'll learn me to be a slacker .

And on an unrelated topic, one of the freakiest things I've seen in a while - pictures taken on someone's digital camera of the tsunami. The people that took them died, but the memory card from their camera was recovered, and had pictures of the tsunami rolling in.


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Forgot to blog, but bed time now

Recipe to feel better

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Gary Sinise

Simple recipe to feel better:

  • Add Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)
  • Enjoy!

    Except need a few extra lines here..

  • More crap

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    More crap. Went to the CBS website to lookup the new Survivor, but thought I'd have a quick look at The Amazing Race. There are two online, 6 and 7. So I thought I'd be safe to look at 6 as I thought that would be the one we saw finish at the end of last year. Wrong. Accidently found out the winner of the series currently airing in oz >:(

    More crap. Decided the problem with my friends is unsolvable, because they are all in the same family. Which means things they do together as "family stuff" I see as my friends doing stuff without me. It's truly a lost cause.

    TV and other rants

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    There's too much on tv at the moment

    SBS, 7:30 - English language special (last episode next week)
    SBS, 7:30 - Mythbusters
    7, 8:30 - Desperate Housewives
    9, 7:30 - Survivor X
    9, 9:30 - CSI New York (with csi original in the middle)
    7, 9:30 - Border Security
    7, 10:00 - Zero Hour (two more episodes left)
    9, 8:30 - er
    7, 8:30 - Lost
    7, 9:30 - Amazing Race

    And then friend #1 let it slip that I don't get invited to do stuff with them because I'm too moody and hard to get along with. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

    Week 107

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    1. Dirty work:: grubby
    2. Shopkeeper:: grocer
    3. Goodness:: gracious
    4. Yearning:: eager
    5. Show and tell:: kindergarten
    6. Trapped:: boxed
    7. Malcolm:: Ian (Jurassic Park)
    8. Season:: summer
    9. Bestseller:: book
    10. Desk:: computer


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    Figured out my apache permissions problem. It was a windoze permissions problem. Apache config was fine after all.

    How many years have I been in this industry, and how many hours did it take to occur to me???

    That, and the fact my so-called best friends really aren't, makes me just want to jump out a window (or off a balcony).

    Apache crap

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    I had a whim today. Install Apache on my NT4 P166 instead of IIS so I could setup rewrite rules to stop people stealing my images.

    That was at 2:20 this afternoon, and it still isn't working right.

    The server itself worked ok, but then I tried to tweak it. Things were going well until I fubared something in the process of trying to get it to show indexes of directories that don't have index files. So that stuffed things for a while.

    I had to make several things work - .htaccess files to password protect directories. Check. Indexing directories that don't have index files. Check. Hotlink protection rewrite rules. Check.

    So then, looking like everything was working, I tackled virtual hosts. I host ten sites on that little box, but do you think I can make any of them work? Big fat no. Been at it all night. No matter what configuration of httpd.conf I use, I either get permission denied when trying to access the sites, or they simply bring up the default conspiracy site. Not to mention that I'm trying to do all of this over vnc on a 9 year old computer. It's been one painful experience. Who says apache is better than IIS ?? If I can't make it work tomorrow I'll be going back to IIS.

    I blame Jake

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    For wasting half my weekend.

    Starting with Image Puzzle. Worked my way through the image puzzles (hint: playing with pallettes in photoshop was a big help), then through the code puzzles, onto maths puzzles (decimal points are represented by , not .) and finally the general knowledge ones (I cheated on a couple in Google).

    Moving onto Flash Test. I scored 8, which means I got 12/16 right, which is certainly above average.

    Now I'm going back to reading Prey, which I'm finding fascinating.. very Jurassic Park-ish feel to it.

    Flying High

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    Watching Airport 75 tonight (part of the Airport Terminal Pack). The beginning was cool - filmed at Dulles airport in DC (been there!! :) ). The whole first half of the movie I'm thinking "gee that's a lot like Flying High! (Airplane! in the US release).. the nuns singing on the guitar with the girl needing a transplant.. and since when did nuns travel so much, and then in first class ???? And then to have a hole ripped out of the cockpit and but a mere breeze blowing through it?? I went sky-diving once, and at probably half the speed the wind was unbelievable. The conditions in the cockpit should be similarly unbearable. But the technical specifics of actually flying a 747 are pretty cool. And there is some cool footage of a 747 flying through the Rocky Mountains. I've yet to come to the really silly part of transferring a person into the plane tho.. :)

    Been having my fair-share of dopamine-releasing chemicals tonight.. with pizza in the toaster oven heating up for dinner.. yumm.. :)

    FQ TOPIC: Distance

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    Friday Q on a Thursday, woohoo! :) (and possibly even before Dave if I'm quick)

    FQ HELPER: It may be helpful to use a globe and a distance calculator for the questions below.

    FQ1: What's the furthest North you've been on this world? What were you doing there?
    A couple of kilometres north of Jasper in Canada. We were there to see the scenery, but it was totally rained out.

    FQ2: What's the furthest South you've been on this world? What were you doing there?
    Near Wilson's Promontary in Victoria. We were travelling through Victoria and South Australia in 1994 and passed by there on the way back to NSW. .. Actually I take that back - I've been to New Zealand when I was 18 months old. But I can't tell you whereabouts we actually went. Queenstown I think is fairly far south.

    FQ3: Where were you born, and what's the furthest you've been from that spot?
    I was born Sydney Australia. The furthest I've been from home would be New York (15979 km).

    FQ AWAY: Name a blog you read that's the most distant from you... whether it be emotionally, culturally, religiously, or by physical location.
    Physically.. Richard and Paul are in England, which I think is further than Tennessee where Dennis is. I'd have to think about the others though.

    and yup, Dave hasn't posted yet, I win! :)

    Map stolen from Wikipedia, red target from Dave:

    World distances

    Fly or be invisible?

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    If you had the choice, you would you be able to fly, or be invisible? They were discussing this on the radio this afternoon. I'd take being able to fly any day. Yes it would be very cool to be invisible, but there are still plenty of ways for people to detect you, and it's effectiveness would be diminished. I'd love more than just about anything to be able to fly. I've spent many hours over the years fantasizing about it.

    Ordered a new phone today. I've had my little 8210 for over four and a half years. But the battery life frustrates me, even after we replaced its battery a while back. Ordered two others for two other people also. Getting a 6100. The prerequisites: decent battery life/talk time, and tri-band. Speaker phone also useful. So anyway. Should hopefully get that in a few days.

    Had a very cool dream about Dave last night. We'd gone to visit him.. my parents were there though.. doh.. heh. Silly thing is, after all this time, I've never really had any dreams about Jason Isaacs. I used to have David Bowie dreams all the time years ago.

    FQ TOPIC: Listen

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    FQ1: What's a sound that makes you happy? Makes you sad?
    Laughter. Crying.

    FQ2: What's a sound that makes you angry? Makes you calm?
    Dunno about angry, but a couple of sounds that irritate me are white noise when you turn off the vcr before the tv, and the clanging of pots in the sink when doing the washing up. Calm? Dunno.. how about cicadas on summer evenings just before Christmas?

    FQ3: What's a sound that makes you hungry? Makes you lose your appetite?
    Hungry.. Jason Isaacs whenever he opens his mouth .. ;) .. lose appetite.. prolly the sound of vomiting..

    FQ AUDIBLE: What sounds are you hearing right now?
    Bubbles in the fish tanks bubbling, chair squeaking, icq uh-ohing, mutt dinging, keyboard clacking, jet aircraft in the distance rumbling.

    Happy Valentines Day

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    And all that guff.
    Didn't get any valentines, but then didn't give any either, although I threatened John and Luc heh. Silly "holiday" really.

    Had dinner with the parents and friends of theirs at the Tradies for their anniversary. 35 years.

    Tasha Yar is in this episode of Crossing Jordan! heh.. Never actually seen an episode.. but it was on after Desperate Housewives.. which I'm not watching either.. really!

    Currently Reading

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    After joining Book Crossing the other night, I thought I should probably put a "Currently Reading" link on my blog (since I take so long to read books anyway, they'll be up there for a decent length of time).

    Easier said than done.

    The most common configuration seems to be a combination of two plugins - MTAmazon, and BookQueue. There is also BookQueueToo but it needs MT 3.x to work.

    BookQueue as a standalone app actually runs without MTAmazon, but if you want it to go off and query Amazon, you need to use MTAmazon, and for that you need to sign up with their Associate program to get a mystical Developer Token. None of this is very obvious on their site. So I signed up. They say it'll be a couple of days before they assign me a developer token. Well in fact the MTAmazon plugin seems to work without the token, and just the username. So anyway, we'll see how it goes.

    Storm Day

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    After watching The Day After Tomorrow this afternoon, tonight I'm watching Category 6: Day of Destruction. After reading the reviews on IMDB I decided I could miss the first hour and not miss anything, so watched the English language special on SBS.

    I'm guessing Category 6 was made as a cross between some sort of dramatisation of the big blackout in the eastern states the other year, and the day after tomorrow's doomsday predictions. Mix the two together and have a somewhat average tv-mini-series.

    But at least it gave me time to try to figure out how to get a currently reading link on my blog...

    Week 106

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    1. Judge:: Judy
    2. Detroit:: Michigan (don't think it's actually in Michigan? but that's what popped into my head)
    3. Hyphen:: dash
    4. Get it right:: yeah
    5. Pulsating:: blood
    6. Yoga:: master
    7. Memorable:: forget
    8. Financial advisor:: blank
    9. Ten million:: dollars
    10. I:: go

    Life in Reverse

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    Stolen shamlessly from SMH, although I'm quite sure they weren't the first to use it..

    There is meta-whingeing and there is micro-whingeing, and it seems to me that most of the frustration reported to Heckler falls into the latter category. I would like to complain about the low standard of whingeing and move to the new level where we can complain about the essential nature of life itself.

    The key problem with the human condition is that it ends badly - we die. If you're not a believer, there's not that much to look forward to.

    What can we do about it? It's obvious, really. Simply reverse the cycle of life and die first. That gets a somewhat risky and uncertain experience out of the way and, as any good Buddhist will tell you, an awareness of the reality of death contributes to objectivity and inner harmony.

    A key religious issue is overcome. We can't be sent to hell because we haven't had time to do anything wrong yet. The only downside is that we may have to wear the cost of the funeral.

    Now we are old. We live in a retirement village where our every need is supplied. During this time our health improves, as does our temperament. Soon we are kicked out of the retirement village because we are too young; we spend time on a golf course; we are given a gold watch and sent to work where we can actually use it.

    Those of us of a certain age know that a prosthesis is never quite as good as the real thing. With the reverse lifecycle model, as the years pass we get the opportunity to thoughtfully dispose of various prosthetic items we no longer need such as dentures, hearing aids and spectacles.

    We work for 40 years; growing younger and younger each year and forced to accept less and less responsibility until eventually we become far too immature for gainful employment.

    In relationships, we start with a messy divorce but things gradually improve. We soon find ourselves enjoying a large house, three cars, a compliant companion and even, briefly, some passion.

    During this time, irritating, expensive teenage offspring become cheaper, better behaved, eventually cute and finally not at all.

    Education begins with a degree and a huge debt that progressively reduces, terminating at the end of three years of fun. We party and drink lots of alcohol - an ideal preparation for sexual experimentation. How much better our first sex would be if only we had been more experienced.

    Life goes on, and just when it seemed it couldn't get any better than this, we enter our school years, where we spend more and more time playing and less time learning until it's all play and we get to sing silly songs.

    Our parents start to dote on us. They lavish more and more attention on us until it is eventually time for us to return to the womb.

    Where does it all end? Well after nine blissful months floating, there's a fair chance we could finish our lives in one gigantic orgasm. And at last life makes some kind of sense.

    Really not random

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    This is the second time my cd player has played songs from my two Sound of Music soundtracks right next to each other. Last time it happened it played the same song from the movie sound track and the Australian cast soundtrack next to each other. This time it put another song in between them, but it's still pretty spooky, especially as I think it's the same song on both occasions (16 going on 17).

    Watched The Day After Tomorrow at the parents place after lunch today. It was very strange then coming out and driving home in blue sky and sunshine...

    Jude Law

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    Jude Law

    I normally have a thing for older men, but occasionally someone a little younger comes along that does it for me. Like Jude Law. He's *hot as*. First noticed him in AI. He was on telly tonight in The Talented Mr Ripley.

    Of course now I've found this big pic of him I'll have to do an extended entry.. heh.

    My new favourite meal is roast chicken. It goes something like this:
    * put a Steggles marinated tender chicken in a baking dish in the oven
    * come back three hours later
    * enjoy!

    That's seriously all you need to do, other than make some gravy to go on top.
    I've done three of them in the past couple of months, and every time they've turned out deliciously tender.

    hrm. entry still not long enough.

    This would be, if I were a writer, I'd fill in the blanks of my boring life with some witty comment on the world.

    But alas, I really have nothing to say.

    Blink, two days go by

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    Yesterday. What happened yesterday? Marylon and I did a 500 piece jigsaw of Banff at lunch. Dave H came over for a swim (yayyy I finally got to swim in my pool this summer) and a few drinks. Hadn't seen him in a year and a half or so so was good to catch up.

    Last night. Well yesterday I'd been catching up on videos, and saw the very end of Getaway, which showed a clip of Lord Howe Island in the credits, so I went to the website, and sure enough they'd had a story on it and I'd missed it, doh! Last night I had a fantastic dream about going there again. This morning I looked up websites about it. I sooooo want to go back there again. Anyone want to go with me?

    Lord Howe Island

    Today. I had only two jobs I really wanted to get done - water change in the krib tank (check), and swap the ram in my desktop puta and my server (check). My puta now has 256mb ram, and the server 128mb. Seems silly having 256mb in the server when all it does is run backup jobs. I also managed to wash the sheets and towels. Leftover pizza for lunch and my whole afternoon I felt freeeee.

    Tonight. Videos to catch up on methinks.

    Two at once

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    My brother's old video normally doesn't record, but after the last electrical storm and having it disconnected, and after reconnecting and putting a tape in, it decided it'll record for the moment. Not knowing how permanent this arrangement will be I borrowed another video from Luc. But I don't have a proper remote control for it so can't program it. And then I end up going out on a night where I want to watch programs on two channels at once. So I dug out an old aerial cable and hooked the videos up in series. Presto, two videos with aerial input, and the ability to tape two channels at once.

    Now I have four hours of videos to catch up on.

    Zero Hour

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    Watched the 9/11 episode of Zero Hour tonight. Highly disturbing/upsetting for me. Some people are just utterly sick.

    Kinda puts my gripes about the others going to subway without me yesterday into perspective somewhat.

    Another day

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    Another day, another scroll through my humour directory.

    20000 steps walked (well, there were 13000 when I took it off tonight, but there was 5000 on it when I looked at lunch, then 4000 later on, so it must have gotten reset. Almost all the 20000 steps in stinking hot weather. Horrible jeans and sore feet to go with it.

    Two train trips (actually, four, but two seperate return trips).

    Second Microsoft Security Summit attended.

    One dozen Krispy Kremes bought.

    One cia meeting minuted.

    One bookcrossing meeting attended.

    One pint of beer drunk.

    One very exhausting day. Good night.

    Nice going sweetheart

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    My absolute favourite line in the whole movie "Airport" is right at the end when Patroni gives the 707 a pat on the rump and says "nice going sweetheart". No idea why that does it for me. Similarly the relationship Ernest Borgnine's character had with Airwolf.

    Wanted to go for a swim tonight, but as per usual, noone to go with. Two people working, three people that wouldn't come if you paid them (and they're meant to be my best friends), and one that finally got back to me after I was well and truly over it. So all you can do really is watch dvds.


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    From Dave. These answers are probably a bit different now than when I first read this on Dave's site this morning.. heh

    1. What time did you get up this morning? The first time just after 5am with that time of the month pain. Took two panadeine and went back to sleep, then got up again at 8:30.
    2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Indoor cinema: The Incredibles. Outdoor data projector: Somersault
    4. What is your favourite TV show? Airwolf or MacGyver
    5. What did you have for breakfast? Cereal and milk
    6. What is your middle name? The (Kazza the Blank One)
    7. What is your favorite cuisine? meat .. ! no really, anything with meat and/or cheese is good
    8. What foods do you dislike? The exception being blue-vein cheese which I had once, in 1987, and will never eat again. I'm also not fussed about raw onions, pumpkin, or brussel sprouts.
    9. What is your favourite crisp/chip flavour? Cheeeeese
    10. What is your favourite CD at the moment? Probably Peter Pan soundtrack
    11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? Ford Laser
    12. Favourite sandwich? Six-inch pizza on italian herb and cheese, with lettuce, tomato, capsicum and pickles, with parmesan cheese, oregano and south-west sauce.
    13. What characteristics do you despise? Rudeness, selfishness
    14. Favourite item of clothing? I have some quite comfy sox. And a nice winter jacket I picked up dirt-cheap at Go-Lo, and it rocks because it's totally practical, but if anything happened to it it'd be cheap to replace (assuming I could find one like it).
    15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Europe
    16. What colour is your bathroom? Blue
    17. What colour pants are you wearing? Blue jeans
    18. Where would you retire to? Dunno. Haven't thought that far into the future
    19. Favourite time of the day? Sunset
    20. What was your most memorable birthday? My 16th and 30th were memorable in bad ways. Both were pretty traumatic.
    21. Where were you born? Sutherland Hospital in Sydney
    22. What's the last thing you ate? Dinner at Andrew and Sami's. mmmm steak :):)
    23. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Red. Darned things always ran out first
    24. Favorite flower? Carnation, or sunflowers
    25. What fabric detergent do you use? Um. Cold Power usually.
    26. Coke or Pepsi? Coke if I *had* to choose one
    27. Do you wish on stars? Nope
    28. What is your shoe size? Depends what brand. Averages around a 6 in Australian sizes
    29. Do you have any pets? Three angel fish, three glass catfish, one betta, seven neon tetras, three cory cats, two big kribs and lotsa baby kribs
    30. Last person you talked to on the phone? Me little brother. He was going to be late for lunch.
    31. What did you want to be when you were little? An artist, a flight attendant, pilot, in that order.
    32. What are you meant to be doing now? Nothing much. Thinking about getting ready for bed.
    33. What do you first notice about someone? Hair maybe.
    34. Siblings? Little brother
    35. What was your favourite toy as a child? I had a pink pom-pom called Cutie that went to America and all around Australia with me in primary school. Still have it at my parents' place, even took a photo of it today.
    36. Summer or winter? Summer
    37. Hugs or Kisses? Either
    38. Chocolate or vanilla? Probably vanilla (for ice cream anyway)
    39. Who is most likely to respond? Richard maybe.
    40. Who is least likely to respond? Dave, he's already done it :) (and Neil just posted his as well, about to go read it)
    41. Living arrangements? Apartment/unit/flat
    42. When was the last time you cried? Thursday. Went from being in a good mood to a bad one within the space of about a minute because *he* wouldn't even bother to turn around to talk to me and was rather short with me. He did later apologise though.
    43. What is under your bed? Dust
    44. How many countries have you visited? Four. Australia, New Zealand, USA (x3), Canada
    45. In how many cities have you lived? Just the one
    46. Favourite movie of all time? Labyrinth or Peter Pan
    47. Mountains or beach? Mountains
    48. The current friend you have known the longest? Probably Luc
    49. Full names of your potential kids? Not planning on having any
    50. Usual bedtime? I aim for 10:30, but it's often well after 11.

    Week 105

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    1. Shelter:: take
    2. Karate Kid:: mr miyagi
    3. Andrew:: daddo
    4. Rib:: cage
    5. Push it:: real good
    6. Creep:: sneak
    7. Chainlink:: fence
    8. Squash:: court
    9. No mercy:: plead
    10. Superhero:: superman

    So much for CDviewer

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    So where was I?

    Last night. Video night at my place, with pool party beforehand. Except noone turned up until an hour after the pool closed, and then we didn't end up watching anything, but chatted for a few hours. Striker and Adam stayed for an hour or two after Campbell and John left and we went through all the images in my humour directory, as well as a stack on boneyourmother.com. Got to bed at 3am.

    Woke up at 8am with the sudden panic of closing all the blinds to block out the summer sun, then went back to bed for another few hours.

    The afternoon was spent scanning my parents' USA pics (the ones I didn't get my own of), and sorting everthing out. Pretty happy with the order of things now. Tried using CD Viewer to do an automated slide show cd with captions, however it doesn't seem to cope with the number of photos I have. Even after splitting the files into smaller-numbered directories, it keeps crashing after getting through the first one. Giving up on the whole idea and just going to get it to autoload IrfanView. My next job is doing html for the whole lot and getting it onto the web.

    Watching Bedazzled. It's pretty crap. Even with Elizabeth Hurley (sorry Dave).

    FQ TOPIC: Sleepy

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    Going to set a record for the quickest ever FridayQ response.. :)

    FQ1: On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Do you think that's a good number?
    Averages about 7 I guess. I'd rather get 8 :)

    FQ2: Have you any sleep essentials? A nightlight or teddy bear perhaps? Must the door and closet be either closed or open?
    I used to have a bed full of stuffed toys when I was a kid. Now nothing but my pillow. When I was 11 years old, some irresponsible mother let us watch Friday the 13th at a slumber party. From that point on I couldn't sleep without the door closed, the theory being that I would at least be able to hear someone coming if they had to open the door (it squeaked). But that was only at my parents place. Once I moved out of home and into places that felt more secure (my parents place was relatively big, and had lots of space in the garage/workshop downstairs for scary people to hide waiting for me to go to sleep), I have never felt that way.

    FQ3: What do you wear to bed? What color are your sheets? How many pillows under your head?
    I wear pjs to bed. Sheets range in various colours. They're mostly inherited from my parents place or my nana's. In fact I don't think I've ever bought my own set of sheets. I just have one relatively thin pillow (I sleep in my tummy quite a bit).

    FQ BIG SLEEP: Share some helpful advice you use when having trouble falling asleep.
    The only thing that vaguely works for me is totally clearing my mind. Visualising nothing except that blackness I can see and the slight ringing in my ears that I can hear. Clearing your mind is actually a very hard thing to do, and requires much practise (ask anyone that's been on a vipassana)

    Postscript. After reading My So-Called Strife .. I used to be afraid (and vaguely still am), that if I hung a limb over the edge of the bed while in it, a guilotine like device would slice whatever was protuding clean off. I think I also used to be vaguely afraid that things would reach out from under the bed and grab my ankles if I stood there too long, so I'd have to get into bed quickly :)

    Three new seasons of tv tonight.

    Three episodes of The Amazing race (well one long one from last night and the one from tonight). Lotsa fun, the usual crazy mix of crazy people.

    ER, into it's what, twelfth year? It's been so long since the end of the last season though had trouble remembering everything they left off on.

    And Lost. Has potential I guess. Although the "yeah right" factor is pretty high. Like a plane falling from 40000' and the entire front 10m of the plane in perfect condition, no dents, scratches or crumpling, and the pilot still alive. Yeah right. And one of the engines of the plane still running after the crash. Yeah right. Still, everyone is raving about the depth of the stories and characters, so maybe I'll watch a bit more.


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    Was gonna rant this morning about how much I hate people, cause they totally suck, and are totally selfish, and you see the worst of people on the roads. Then was gonna rant about how *they* are just as likely to go skiing in NZ this year and not let me come. And if they do that I don't think I could ever have lunch with them again, because I mean how many lunches do you have to have with people to become friends with them? And if you're never going to be friends, then really what's the point?

    But now I really couldn't be bothered. Had a very pleasant evening with James and George, and feeling like just collapsing into bed.


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    Went and saw Somersault at the Bondi outdoor theatre tonight. Was average. Nicely shot, but not much story. But hey, it was free :) Ric got free tickets and was trying to find someone to go with, and at the last minute calls me up. Called Sami to see if could tape the Amazing Race for me, which he could, so I went. Plus they gave us a free drink after (to be presented at a pub up the road). The pizza slice I had for dinner was pretty crappy tho. Oh well :)

    Managed to avoid the rain, but there was a lovely lightning show off to the south. Northerly + Westerly = Lightning :) And driving home got to see a fantastic light show. And rain. Lots of it! :)

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