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FQ1: What's a sound that makes you happy? Makes you sad?
Laughter. Crying.

FQ2: What's a sound that makes you angry? Makes you calm?
Dunno about angry, but a couple of sounds that irritate me are white noise when you turn off the vcr before the tv, and the clanging of pots in the sink when doing the washing up. Calm? Dunno.. how about cicadas on summer evenings just before Christmas?

FQ3: What's a sound that makes you hungry? Makes you lose your appetite?
Hungry.. Jason Isaacs whenever he opens his mouth .. ;) .. lose appetite.. prolly the sound of vomiting..

FQ AUDIBLE: What sounds are you hearing right now?
Bubbles in the fish tanks bubbling, chair squeaking, icq uh-ohing, mutt dinging, keyboard clacking, jet aircraft in the distance rumbling.

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