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So where was I?

Last night. Video night at my place, with pool party beforehand. Except noone turned up until an hour after the pool closed, and then we didn't end up watching anything, but chatted for a few hours. Striker and Adam stayed for an hour or two after Campbell and John left and we went through all the images in my humour directory, as well as a stack on Got to bed at 3am.

Woke up at 8am with the sudden panic of closing all the blinds to block out the summer sun, then went back to bed for another few hours.

The afternoon was spent scanning my parents' USA pics (the ones I didn't get my own of), and sorting everthing out. Pretty happy with the order of things now. Tried using CD Viewer to do an automated slide show cd with captions, however it doesn't seem to cope with the number of photos I have. Even after splitting the files into smaller-numbered directories, it keeps crashing after getting through the first one. Giving up on the whole idea and just going to get it to autoload IrfanView. My next job is doing html for the whole lot and getting it onto the web.

Watching Bedazzled. It's pretty crap. Even with Elizabeth Hurley (sorry Dave).


Ben said:

The last person who said something bad 'bout Hurley was never heard from again.


February 5, 2005 10:36 PM


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