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So the idea today (not sure if it was Luc's or my idea, it could have been Luc's) was to take one of the fish tanks into work. Totally brilliant idea. There's a good strong desk in between two people's desks, in a space that's otherwise doing nothing. I decided I'll leave the new one at home (so the neighbours can come visit their fishies whenever they want to), and take "tank 3" which currently holds about 30 baby kribs into work. I'll take the babies into work too until they're big enough to sell (a couple of them are but most are fairly small still), and then I'll try something else in the tank later on.

So tonight I drained their tank into a couple of big tubs, and moved the filters into the one with the fish. I'll take the tank in tomorrow and fill it and start loading gravel into it (I'll need some more gravel, a light hood and another filter) and take the babies in later in the week.

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