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My brother's old video normally doesn't record, but after the last electrical storm and having it disconnected, and after reconnecting and putting a tape in, it decided it'll record for the moment. Not knowing how permanent this arrangement will be I borrowed another video from Luc. But I don't have a proper remote control for it so can't program it. And then I end up going out on a night where I want to watch programs on two channels at once. So I dug out an old aerial cable and hooked the videos up in series. Presto, two videos with aerial input, and the ability to tape two channels at once.

Now I have four hours of videos to catch up on.


Dave Harker said:

That title conjurs up all sorts of images Kaz.

February 11, 2005 2:19 PM


Dennis said:

You do realize that you're going to have to tape tomorrow's TV because you'll be too busy watching tonight's, right?

That's what happens to me, anyway.

February 12, 2005 3:44 AM


kazza said:

Fortunately I don't watch stuff every night. Most of my weekly watching is concentrated on Thursday night :)

February 12, 2005 10:35 AM


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