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Was gonna rant this morning about how much I hate people, cause they totally suck, and are totally selfish, and you see the worst of people on the roads. Then was gonna rant about how *they* are just as likely to go skiing in NZ this year and not let me come. And if they do that I don't think I could ever have lunch with them again, because I mean how many lunches do you have to have with people to become friends with them? And if you're never going to be friends, then really what's the point?

But now I really couldn't be bothered. Had a very pleasant evening with James and George, and feeling like just collapsing into bed.


Dave2 said:

Still, it's kind of nice to have somebody to sit with as you eat a sandwich and nibble at a bag of crisps... skiing or no skiing.

February 2, 2005 10:58 PM


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