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After joining Book Crossing the other night, I thought I should probably put a "Currently Reading" link on my blog (since I take so long to read books anyway, they'll be up there for a decent length of time).

Easier said than done.

The most common configuration seems to be a combination of two plugins - MTAmazon, and BookQueue. There is also BookQueueToo but it needs MT 3.x to work.

BookQueue as a standalone app actually runs without MTAmazon, but if you want it to go off and query Amazon, you need to use MTAmazon, and for that you need to sign up with their Associate program to get a mystical Developer Token. None of this is very obvious on their site. So I signed up. They say it'll be a couple of days before they assign me a developer token. Well in fact the MTAmazon plugin seems to work without the token, and just the username. So anyway, we'll see how it goes.


JC said:

I dunnow 'zactly what you are trying to accomplish with the 'currently reading' link, like what the final output will be, but I made another blog for Jo-Jo's (, then made a new index template with only the last two entries and a comment link, and then dropped a server side include into the main template to call for the altered index template, in her case, books.txt. I dunnow, perhaps my method won't work for your application, but if MT wasn't so damnable reliable I'da switched eons ago.

February 14, 2005 12:37 AM


kazza said:

I wanted to have an image and the title/author, but I didn't want to have to fuss about with finding an image, downloading and renaming it, then uploading the image and a text file with the author in it. Anything that requires too much effort just doesn't happen in my world :) This way all I need to do is enter the ISBN as found on Amazon, and the plugins do the rest.

February 14, 2005 6:46 AM


Yvonne Kirk said:

I'm sure there a excsisting blogs from bookcrossers ho do what you want. Texaswren might have an idea, she seems to be the usual person people go to for FAq on bookcrossing things, so I'm sure she knows how to manage what you want to do.

February 18, 2005 6:45 PM


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