Flying High

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Watching Airport 75 tonight (part of the Airport Terminal Pack). The beginning was cool - filmed at Dulles airport in DC (been there!! :) ). The whole first half of the movie I'm thinking "gee that's a lot like Flying High! (Airplane! in the US release).. the nuns singing on the guitar with the girl needing a transplant.. and since when did nuns travel so much, and then in first class ???? And then to have a hole ripped out of the cockpit and but a mere breeze blowing through it?? I went sky-diving once, and at probably half the speed the wind was unbelievable. The conditions in the cockpit should be similarly unbearable. But the technical specifics of actually flying a 747 are pretty cool. And there is some cool footage of a 747 flying through the Rocky Mountains. I've yet to come to the really silly part of transferring a person into the plane tho.. :)

Been having my fair-share of dopamine-releasing chemicals tonight.. with pizza in the toaster oven heating up for dinner.. yumm.. :)

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