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Tried out Mario Kart online.  Fun, but not the same as playing with people in the same room.  Plus you don't get the bots to play against, and the power up thingies don't seem to be as good.

After being home for two months I have *finally* seen all my UK holiday photos.  All 12000 of them.  !

We accidentally killed a bird the other day.  There's a big tub outside that had filled with water over recent weeks.  The bird must have been trying to get a drink and slipped in and drowned.  Sad sad sad.

This is a fun watch to prove that nothing new ever happens in soap operas.

Got MRTG working again on the router and three pcs. Although the router did lose its config after we kicked it the other morning which was quite annoying.

I made the RiotACT with yesterday's pictures!

Tonight's Glee (Furt) started off a bit lame but the second half was pretty awesome.

And because blog posts seem a little empty without pics..  here's some dramatic clouds taken a month or so ago..


Cotter Dam open day

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Braved the crazy rain and wind this morning to go out to the Cotter Dam open day.  Of course the wind was blowing the rain in horizontally, so used Random Camera, as big camera is a lot harder to shield from the rain.  So not the greatest set of pictures ever, but will send em in to the RiotACT anyway.

Cotter Dam open day
Cotter Dam open day
Cotter Dam open day

Wagamama wassamatta?

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Friday night the sweetie and I went out for dinner.  We thought we'd try Wagamama, which I'd not been to before.

The food was ok (nothing super special) and the waiter we had was pretty good, but unfortunately the food service was terrible.  It was a full half hour between when my meal came out and when Stu's came out.  Pretty big fail there.  But they were nice enough to not charge us for it, plus we had an Entertainment Book voucher, so the whole meal went from being pretty expensive to actually reasonable.

I had chicken ramen ($17.50)
Stu had Yaki Soba.
For dessert I had White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake ($10.30).  Nice but a little dry.
Stu had Banana Katsu ($9.70)

Some recent bird photos

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A galah that let us get quite close to it..


Some crows in the Maccas car park.  They'd found a tub of "Big Mac Sauce" that they were enjoying.

Big Mac crows
Big Mac crows
Big Mac crows
One more sleep to go! (til I'm off oncall for another few weeks)

As seen at the Canberra Centre on Friday night..

Canberra Centre fail

Deathly Hallows So last Friday night we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) (found a single person to take the third seat so we could book them, thanks Dave).  

Not bad.  Not hugely great, but decent.

What I did really like about it was that it was fairly faithful to the book.  The movies haven't been this faithful to the books since the first couple of movies.

Of course that meant it dragged on while they're wandering round the forest.  Which was a major complaint in the book. 

No explanation offered as to how the Burrow was magically rebuilt since the last movie.  No pun intended ;)

The ridiculous "coincidence" scene was thankfully dropped (where they *just happen* to be around some people they know and get some useful information).


Six months or so to go...

Arghghghgh I hate the Dendy!! Seriously!!

So thought would try and book some tickets for a Friday night session of Harry Potter.

Selected a session, selected two adults and said reserve tickets.  It brought up the cinema plan with two seats selected.

Dodgy Dendy

Sweet! All good.

Until I click Reserve Tickets...

And I get this gem..

Dodgy Dendy
Seriously WTF??????

You f#%ing choose those seats for me but won't let me have them?????  And what about all those other single seats around????

What a piece of steaming crap!!!  Dendy fix your frigging booking system!! Now!!

Living under a rock

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I barely watch any live TV, so had no idea that Harry Potter opens THIS THURSDAY!!! Argghghghgh

Anyone wanna go see a midnight session with me tonight? ;)

Three for three!!!

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So I posted a whole heap of pics off to the RiotACT last night.  And I got my name on an article headline! W00t!! :)

Belconnen Community Bus Interchange


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Yesterday Damien came over to make use of the war room for the first time.  They ended up playing a game of Wings of War which they thoroughly enjoyed.

War games
War games
War games

Then it was war on technology, with the media server not working while Damien was here (it worked first go after he left) and the buzz controllers refusing to bind :(  And then my iPhone wouldn't lock itself automatically, even after a reboot.  Go figure.

Today it was a war on a huntsman that tried to terrorise Buzz ..

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

And not war related at all, but some pretty flowers in our garden :)


Dodger's Death

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Oh Ann Polley how I miss you!!  I really really must track that girl down.. I never realised (because I didn't *get* people) what a kindred spirit she was til years later...

Who could forget such gems as "The Boogey Man"  (The boogey man is gonna getcha, the boogey man is coming today, the boogey man is gonna getcha, just keep outta his way) or the Suicide Song (Are you going to end your life, arsenic ratsac and cyanide, or find a cliff and jump at low tide (don't remember the next line)).  

But what I did find tonight was "Dodger's Death".  Written in around 1989 it fancifully described what might have happened to Dodger..

Dodger's Death

Famous.. again!

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So this time I actually listened to DC's advice and sent a bunch of my pictures into the RiotACT.

And they appeared on the site today! Huzzah!! :)

They seriously mustn't get many photos if all the photos I've ever sent have been posted...

James and Buzz

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So James called me up this morning.  He was in town and did we want to do something this week :)

So said dinner tonight would work :)

So he came over and we got some food from across the road courtesy of Uncle Bill and cooked it up (and it was nomm) and then we played Julia's TV Quiz Buzz (which wasn't just TV, it was actually general knowledge and we quite liked it).  I won a game and the sweetie won a game.  Fun stuff.

And now it's 10pm .. whoops..

(of course it meant all my plans for tonight including cleaning my desk and doing some washing went totally out the window.. oops..)

Stormy Monday

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So I've pretty much been awake since 5am when the first storm of the day rolled through.

Didn't get caught in anything at lunch.

Saw this tonight and lmfao .. well not really but I thought it was pretty funny :)

The sky was pretty cool around Jamo tonight

Double rainbow
Stormy sunset
Stormy sunset
And a view of a storm south of us was pretty cool too

Ainslie storm


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Last night we had three Daves and a Neil (Windy let the team down which would have made four out of the five Davids in our section attending heh) over to watch Yellowbeard.  Had pizza and drunk lots of beer and some of Tek's scotch. Then the others watched Time Bandits.  I tried, but fell asleep.  Ooops.  Apparently they all laughed at me when Stu came and poked me while I was asleep .. hrmmmmm

Yellowbeard Beer

Wishful Drinking

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Last Friday night went with Dave (the only person who responded to my request for interest) to see Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking.

It was epic awesome!!

She's very funny, and can sing!  Although looks nothing like her! heh.

It was almost like she'd invited you over to her place and was just having a chat about her life and telling stories and it was just way cool.  She was even in slippers and comfortable clothes like you'd just popped by as an old friend.  

Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Carrie Fisher

Of course as soon as we got home we had to watch A New Hope :)  Meant for a very late night.. oops :)
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