Some other bits and pieces from the past few days

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Tried out Mario Kart online.  Fun, but not the same as playing with people in the same room.  Plus you don't get the bots to play against, and the power up thingies don't seem to be as good.

After being home for two months I have *finally* seen all my UK holiday photos.  All 12000 of them.  !

We accidentally killed a bird the other day.  There's a big tub outside that had filled with water over recent weeks.  The bird must have been trying to get a drink and slipped in and drowned.  Sad sad sad.

This is a fun watch to prove that nothing new ever happens in soap operas.

Got MRTG working again on the router and three pcs. Although the router did lose its config after we kicked it the other morning which was quite annoying.

I made the RiotACT with yesterday's pictures!

Tonight's Glee (Furt) started off a bit lame but the second half was pretty awesome.

And because blog posts seem a little empty without pics..  here's some dramatic clouds taken a month or so ago..



mossrocket said:

and riotACT brought me here!
I read your musings on Mario Kart online - have you just tried an emulator and the rom of the game? My kids and I (allegedly) play on the PC on our tv, using xbox controllers (for pc).

for research sake - just google project64 for the emulator, and try emuparadise for roms. but only for journalistic purposes - as I hear the web might contain illegal downloads?


February 8, 2011 7:52 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

Ah I was wondering if anyone would Google me from that hehe :)

Nah never tried emulating it :)

February 8, 2011 6:27 PM


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