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So this is Canberra's latest piece of public art - Keizo Ushio’s “oushi zokei, dream lens for the future”

Oushi zokei

At first glance I'm like "Hey! They copied the one in Japan!"

Dream lens, Kobe
Except as it turns out, it's by the same artist!  

I think I like the one in Japan better - it has three twists instead of the one we have here.

Dream lens, Kobe Dream lens, Canberra
And a few more of both, just for fun

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Kobe

Dream lens, Kobe

Even got myself on the RiotACT.  Again.  :)  
Typical of Canberrans though, everyone having a whinge about it.  Which is sad because this piece of art is *cool*!


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Went to Alice's again tonight for the first time since last October.

Had to have the Crying Duck again, cause that was just awesome.

Alice's Crying Duck

And we also had a beef massaman curry.  The beef was fall-apart tender, yum!

Alice's Massaman Beef


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Friday night I got stuck at work til nearly 8pm, so the sweetie came and picked me up and we got takeaway from the Dumpling Inn.

Saturday was mostly just house cleaning.  Kirili came over for beer and pizza and check out what she brought me!  (she must have heard about how I was drooling all over the one she has on her desk at work that I saw last time I visited Stu there).

Lego Carousel
We talked a lot about travel (she's only like 25, but has spent months and months travelling the world on various trips - way cool!), had a super yummy pizza from Crust, and just watched some tv.

Today was mostly trip planning.  Roasted some veggies for dinner, including some stuff from Kath's farm.

Kath veggies

Thought we'd try out Zierholz today.  And first time I'd been back on campus since summer school in 1991!  Lots of new buildings!  (mostly residential heh).

Three of us tried for the calamari salad, but they were all out, so I had a caesar salad, there were two pizzas and Neil had the trio of sausages.  Also had some German-style ale which was very nice.

So the salad..

Zierholz Caesar Salad

Location: Zierholz, University of Canberra
Price: $15.00

Lettuce: cos, all good
Croutons: these were the best bit - deep fried bready goodness
Bacon: ok amount
Parmesan cheese: reasonable amount
Egg: one egg, split in two
Anchovies: none! win!
Sauce: not bad, maybe *slightly* too .. runny? 

I love the croutons in this salad - chunks of pizza by the look of it, deep fried to perfection :)


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No comment.


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So I get home and the power is off.  Dead.  The main switch to the house is off.  So turn it back on.

Checking everything out, I hear a banging.  Most unusual.  Eventually found it.  The side gate.

Break in
Break in
So some buttplug has come along and totally ripped off the latch to the side gate, padlock and all.  I couldn't find it anywhere around the yard (unless they hid it well).  

My working theory is they broke in to go around the back, saw the alarm in the garage, turned off the power, found the alarm was still on (it has backup batteries) and decided not to bother.  Because there was no evidence of any forced entry anywhere.

Makes me a bit scared to leave the house :(

Happy's and a jab

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Had the first vaccination shot before the holiday today.  Followed by dinner at Happy's.  Because I wanted meat.  Lots of red meat.

Sizzling beef
Fried mushrooms and bamboo shoots
Cycled (slowly) for an hour.  And did my washing.  And ran the pool.  And did some holiday research and other bits and pieces. 

Not the most productive of Mondays, but not too bad I suppose.

Seems to be a bad habit I'm getting into.. 

So yeah.  Work.  Busy.  Slightly insane actually, and only going to get worse in the next little while :(

Friday arvo went to the Wig and Pen with Tristan and Gaelian.  And got absolutely drenched in the downpour on the way back to the car.  

Saturday.  All day at work (from 5:30am!).  Was there really just to keep an eye on things since our monitoring was down.  So used the opportunity to make good progress on the trivia night.  So the morning was all good, but there were problems in the afternoon and people disappeared before they were fixed which was not happy making.  In the end I passed things off and went home, as was going out for dinner.  

Went to Josh and Ally's for dinner.  They're in stumbling distance which is pretty cool.  Had a lovely roast chicken dinner, and fell in love with their cat Rosie - a "burmilla" - half burmese half chinchilla.  Friendliest cat I've ever met.  Totally wanted to take her home.

Today was a bit of a slow start.  Did a bit of holiday research, but really not much today.  Went to Annie's for a bit to help fix their internet.  

Definitely need more weekend.  Felt completely robbed on Saturday.  Missed out on seeing Potty and the family who came over in the afternoon.  Or going to Jindabyne with a group of people from work.  Le sigh.

Television Tunes

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Whoops.. while looking up some stuff for our trivia night, I ended up on Television Tunes.. and spent the rest of the night there listening to old tv show themes.....

Life.. It is finished!

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hrmm that didn't come out right.  In fact it's not even accurate.

It's only half finished :)

But tonight I did finish the second quarter (6000 pieces) of the Life jigsaw.  So that was thirteen days of work, including two weekends (although obviously not all that time spent on it).

Life jigsaw progress

Whoops.. haven't posted since last Tuesday.. yipes...

Pretty uneventful week.  I think.  I think I was pretty busy at work.  I counted up my todo list and realised I'm in the middle of thirteen different projects at the moment.  Yikes.

This weekend I had a relatively productive Saturday.  Well sort of.  Did a few days of UK photo sorting.  And a bit of cleaning.  And some work.  And mostly cleared news feeds.  But mostly jigsaw.

Saturday night we went to Mishi's for our semi-regular catchup/games night, which was lovely as always.  First we played Pass the Popcorn (Thrills and Chills Edition).  Which would have been more fun as the regular edition.  I don't know enough about "scary" movies.  Then we played Way Back When in History, which was an American history board game where you answer questions and move your way around the board.  Most of the questions were completely basic, but a few things we'd never heard of.  I think Stu and I won in the end.  It wasn't very well thought through in terms of game play (well maybe it was, but the instructions certainly didn't help).  Like it said if you land on someone's token move to the next available space.  But there were some spaces that were "go back one space". But if someone was there you would end up in an infinite loop.  Silly.

Today was pretty much just jigsaw all morning.  And went and saw Excalibur at the Film and Sound archives (which I quite enjoyed, despite a faded and dirty print).  And went to Dumpling Inn for dinner.  And did our food shopping.  Might have gone to the multicultural festival but Stu was not up for crowds of people.

So this is the jigsaw.  Nearly finished.  Maybe a couple of hundred pieces left.  Should knock it over tomorrow.  Then can get back to regularly scheduled programming..

Life jigsaw progress

Superb parrots?

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Seen near work.  We think these might be juvenile superb parrots.  Maybe.  There was a whole flock of them.

Super busy day today.  So much to do that I didn't know where to start, so didn't achieve nearly as much (I'm like the exit of a building.  If there's a steady stream of people going through the exit, everything flows through nicely.  But if too many people come at once and start jamming up the exit then less people exit cause they're all trying to get out at once.  Give me too much to do at once and less gets done).  I did organise the todo list a bit tho :/

Bit of progress on jigsaw and trivia night.

Manic Monday?

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ok day at work.

Came home and in two hours had run and chlorinated the pool, put washing away, done a load of washing, cleaned the bathroom, done some jigsaw, had dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Did a bit more jigsaw.  Today I did the balloons and the rainbow.

Life jigsaw progress

But also did some trivia night planning.

So a pretty successful night all up.

Life - progress

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So I was meant to be doing trivia night planning and holiday planning and UK photo sorting.

I did the jigsaw most of the weekend.
This is the next 6000 pieces sorted into sections
Life jigsaw
And this is my progress as of this evening (can't really see much in this photo)
Life jigsaw progress
The only other event of the weekend was meeting up with @phonakins and @chrispycon (and Rish and Richard) for drinks at King O'Malley's, followed by dinner at Asian Noodle House.  No documentary evidence (although I might steal Fiona's photos of the meal one day), but it was a great night.

Sound of Friday

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Hardly got any sleep last night.  Maybe a couple of hours.  Stoopid body.

As a consequence didn't have a very productive day.

Was going to go to bed early, but The Sound of Music was on after Glee, and well it had to be watched.. oops..

Still, got lots of pieces sorted for the jigsaw.  Probably nearly half way through sorting ...

Cleaning, Planning

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Today I was a bit naughty and cleaned and tidied stuff most of the day.

Tonight I started freaking out about how much I have to do in the next little while.  

So naturally I started the next 6000-piece section of the 24000 piece jigsaw.  

Then I sat down and organised the coming months in general terms, breaking things up into manageable chunks.

But for now, bed time!  Goodnight!
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