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Wednesday last week.


Miniature roses


Saw Stumpy for the first time in ages.


Had leftover lamb for dinner.  I cooked it with broccolini, snow peas, dark soy sauce and some brown sugar, served with rice, cashews and sesame seeds.  For something so random it turned out ok.  Well Stu really liked it and he even went back for seconds.  Looked like crap but hey :)

Lamb and broccolini

Then spent a good chunk of the evening blogging.

Thursday.  Slept well!!  What a refreshing change.  Beer, pizza, and Naked Gun 2 1/2.

Autumn is pretty

Stumpy kept Stu company for a while at work
Stumpy keeping Stu company at work

Friday.  Slept well!  (with assistance).  Finished scanning box 14 of Dad's slides (three this week!).  It takes about ten minutes to scan a batch of four slides, but I can do other things while it's going.  Had a productive morning churning through tickets.

Did our food shopping at lunch.  OMFG Coles had toilet paper!!  First time I've seen toilet paper in Coles since the beginning of March.  Still depleted on the flour/rice/pasta/tomato section though.  

OMFG toilet paper in Coles!

Had a pretty stressful afternoon.  Trying to help someone fix something at work.  Couldn't figure out why it had broken - by rights it should never have worked.  Came up with a workaround, but then had to go with David to get new taps.  Remember a few years back the shower was leaking, and I took a year to regrout and seal it?  Well the shower was still leaking.  Not as much, but it was still dripping downstairs.  And the bath had mismatched taps after our last attempt to get the vanity working, and the vanity taps (at least the cold water) was broken as well.  So really we needed to replace everything in the bathroom.  So David finally had some time to replace the taps, and normally I'd could flex off an hour or two with no problems.  But with the issues at work, plus all the other work I needed to do that afternoon, I was feeling super anxious about being away.  Never a good start to a shopping expedition.  So we went to Reece's first.  They have quite a large supply room, but you can't look at that, you can only look at the show room...  which only had a couple of different options, and we couldn't get any service.  The only person in the room was on the phone (on speaker phone no less) and wasn't going anywhere.  We waited about ten minutes before giving up and going to Bunnings.  So we found a bunch of taps but when we went to check fittings, realised the gooseneck for the vanity is a couple of millimetres too big for the new fittings.  ie, a new gooseneck would be too small for our current t-piece.  #grunt.  So asked someone if we could speak to a plumbing expert.  They called someone and they said he was with a couple of customers.  So we waited.  Eventually he turns up, says, oh there's more options at the back of aisle 58, and I'm leaving for the day, bye.  Great.  So sure enough, the back of aisle 58 has more options.  But the why the #$^@ couldn't all the taps be together???  Idiots.  So looked at the options.  Not really all that many.  Especially because I wanted those fancy taps where you *know* the tap is off, you don't have to grind into the washer to turn it off.  They're called half turn taps, did you know?  But there was only one gooseneck available that was "guaranteed to fit" - because it had the two different sized fittings - we could see it through the plastic.  But it didn't have the half turn taps.  We tried again to get a plumbing expert.  Eventually one came along.  We told him the gooseneck was a different size now.  And he was like.. oh..? really..?   So much for an expert.  Can you tell I was having fun being there just waiting around and not knowing if we were even getting the right thing?  hrmm.  So in the end decided to forego the gooseneck and just get three pairs of taps - two wall mounts, one vanity top.  All the same half turn style.  And also.. OMFG Bunnings was *packed*.  It wasn't even after hours, but I guess because of the long weekend everyone was there trying to get stuff for their home improvements.  Busier there that it normally is even on a weekend!!  Craziness!!

So got home, and I got back into work.  Figured out how/when/why aforementioned problem had occurred (the shopping break was probably good for that).  Ploughed through my work for an hour, then gave David moral support in the bathroom.  The new flanges don't quite cover things on the vanity, we'll need some extenders, and the old ivory gooseneck does look a little odd with the chrome finished taps.  But it does seem that the leak has stopped!  And the new taps are *amazing*.  You can turn them off with just a finger.  Bestest brother in history! :)

David changing taps

I told him he could have anything he wanted for dinner (that was practically possible) .. takeway, delivery, or I could cook anything we had in the house.  He chose the butterfly lamb roast :)  So it was a late dinner, but very nice.  Photo makes it look scary, but it was pomegranate and rosemary marinade, so looked very pink even when cooked.

Butterfly lamb roast

Saturday morning I woke up at ~1am.  Lay awake for two hours.  Got up for a while.  Still couldn't get back to sleep.  So Saturday was a zombie day.  

First real fog of the year
First fog of 2020

I was too tired to concentrate on anything much.  Did a couple of loads of washing, did a bit of tidying downstairs, and a bit of time on the jigsaw (annoyingly there's places where the picture on either side of the jigsaw is almost identical, and because the cut is identical either side, you can actually put in pieces that are wrong, and it takes a bit of effort to figure out which bits are right).  

I got this book when I was a little kid..

Out of Doors book

When I got to this page I literally blew on it!

Out of Doors book

Progress shot on the dungeon.  See that floor?  So can I!  First time since 2014 I've been able to see that corner.  It's been filled with Dad's slides, DVDs and records.

Dungeon partly cleared

Oh, and I made Anzac biscuits.  Photo was a bit of an afterthought, but they were pretty awesome, and still chewy, despite looking brown in the photo.

Anzac Biscuits

Had a few drinks with EffanC before they Zoomed someone else, then had a blissfully early night (asleep by 9pm).

Going to have to call it there for now.  Need to wash my hair.  With any luck I'll finish this tomorrow :)

Cashew Slice

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The other weekend I was going through my recipe folder while David was doing the jigsaw, and came across the recipe for Mum's peanut slice.  Peanut slice was her signature dish - what she'd take if someone said bring a plate.  She would make it when there was going to be a roast for dinner.  David and I would fight over the icing saucepan.  Ok we didn't fight.  One would make a line down the middle and the other would choose which half to take.  Dad would take the slice to work in Tupperware square rounds to snack on.  David would eat them straight out of the freezer, still frozen.  

So David said I should make it.  And I said, well except for the fact that there's no peanuts in the house.  We have cashews though.

So I made one.  With cashews.


So 250g butter, melted (leave the saucepan alone when done - make the icing in it later).  2 cups self-raising flour, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup coconut, 1 cup peanuts.  Mix all the dry ingredients, then mix in the melted butter.

Cashew slice

Bake for 25 minutes.

Cashew slice

Ice with 1 cup lemon icing - which is icing sugar and lemon juice - and only a teeny amount of lemon juice - you need less than you think.  1 cup was very thin though, possibly this pan is bigger than Mum's.  I should use a bit more icing if I were to make it again.

Cashew slice

It was a bit crumbly though.  Possibly I need to reduce the cooking time a little if the pan is bigger and therefor the mix is thinner.  Or possibly be a little stingy on the dry ingredients.  

Cashew slice

Still tasted ok though :)


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I was definitely around for this though.  Although I don't remember why we were there (taken at Bangor).  But when you see an opportunity (presumably no fence/barbed wire to negotiate - must have been a gap or something) you take it.  Not that I got very high - probably not really any higher than this.  But it was kinda fun.  Twenty years ago today.

Climbing a power stauncion

I don't think I was around when this photo of Dad was taken with a yellow bellied black snake at Bundanoon.  But it was a very Dad thing, and it featured in his funeral slide show.

Dad and a yellow bellied black snake

I very possibly wasn't even around for this photo either of Dad and Dave on one of Peter Neve's trains

Peter Neve's trains

Both taken thirty years ago today.

Nice Beaver

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Thursday last week I went into work to get myself a flu vaccination.  Most of our team did the same thing so I took a Yum! Delicious! cake to share.  First step was getting a parking spot.  The mall carpark was full.  ?!?!  I was like WTF Canberra??  Why aren't you all at home?? But as it turns out the mall parking is free at the moment.  So anyone still working in the area is parking there.  Anyways, got my new laptop (I'll need to go in soon to transfer some of my personal stuff off the old one, both are still in my locker cause I just use my home computer to connect), got my jab, then packed up and headed to the mall.  I needed to go to the chemist for supplies, and to Coles for some food supplies, and the post office to post a web cam to Mum, and Dan's to pick up some wine boxes so we can fill them with books to give away (one day...), and then pick up some lunch.  The mall is probably open about 50%.  And the food court much the same.  And they've taken away or blocked off all the seating throughout the mall.  Picked up Ali Baba for the sweetie and Subway for me, then headed home.  An hour and a half later.  Sheesh.  And even though it had been over a month since I'd been there, the lady at Subway remembered my order :)  Watched Naked Gun in the evening, which I don't think I've ever seen.  OK I lied, I saw at least one of them in Junee in 2015.

This the process of making the Yum! Delicious! cake.  Recipe here.  Because my life and blog are so boring all I post is photos of food.  Hi Manish!

Yum delicious cake

Yum delicious cake

Yum delicious cake

Yum delicious cake

This was the mall.  Strangely deserted food court, and queuing at the post office started outside went down under the escalators.

Social distancing at the post office

Deserted food court

It rained Thursday afternoon.  And there were rainbows!

Rainbow over happy tree

Rainbow fragment

We did more rearranging of stuff in Stu's study this week too.  I pulled out my paper craft to take downstairs, and OMFG!  It's a disaster!!  This paper ball had been in the one position for nearly two years, and it had sagged!!  Sadmaking.  Will have to try and fix it.. somehow..

Squished ball

Slept pretty well on Thursday night with medical assistance.  Dragged the sweetie out for a walk at lunch.

Friday night I couldn't get to sleep for hours, but still woke up at the normal time (at least no insomnia *during* the night), so pretty cranky Saturday morning.  Did lots of house type stuff in the morning.  Went for a walk up Mt Rogers with David in the afternoon.  Stu put on several episodes of Picard for David to watch.  I do enjoy the show but it's all a bit too complicated.  Well not even that, it's just that you're expected to remember the significance of something that was said a full two episodes later.  With my dementia I'm lucky to remember anything past the end of the show.  So seeing the episodes again means things make a whole lot more sense.  

David on Mt Rogers

Gungahlin from Mt Rogers

Belconnen from Mt Rogers

Had an early night Saturday and actually slept well.  Fricken hurrah.  So rare these days.  And the sweetie cleaned the toilets.  Bestest sweetie ever!!  Did an epic lamb roast for dinner.

Chrissie's sucker

Lamb roast April

Mornday morning I woke up at 1:10am and never got back to sleep.  Literally five hours of just lying there feeling miserable.  So zombie day Monday.  Too tired in the evening to concentrate on any photo processing, so just blogged and did the jigsaw.

Went to bed early Monday night, read for a little while, tried going to sleep around 9pm.  But couldn't get to sleep for like an hour and a half.  Woke up at 2:45 and was awake for at least two hours.  Too tired in the evening to concentrate on any photo processing, so just did the jigsaw.  Bed at eight thirty.

Tuesday night.  You'd think after two nights of very little sleep that I would fall asleep quickly.  But no.  Took ages to get sleep and then really restless til like midnight.  Sigh.  This insomnia is killing me.  

Cranky day today.  Too much stoopid.  Then other people breaking things that I couldn't figure out how to fix.  

So yeah, pretty crap week all up.  

Woronora Bridge

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After the January 1994 bushfires, the powers that be realised that oops, emergency service vehicles couldn't get across the Woronora River in an emergency because it was such a narrow windy road down to the bridge and got super congested when people were trying to flee fires.  So they finally finally built a new one.  

I took these photos of its construction twenty years ago today.

Woronora Bridge construction

Woronora Bridge construction

Woronora Bridge construction

Woronora Bridge construction

Woronora Bridge construction

Woronora Bridge construction

Coq au Vin Redux

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I first posted my Coq au Vin back in 2014, the recipe taken from the Women's Weekly French Classics book.  I've made it a few times since, but I'm not as fussy about following the recipe.

This was my latest version.

A pack of chicken thighs, half a pack of bacon, mushrooms (I only got one punnet because the little brother doesn't like mushrooms, weirdo), onion (I used one onion chopped up, rather than a bunch of shallot style onions), garlic (several cloves, you can never have too much garlic), thyme (a bunch from the stuff I have growing on the kitchen window sill), rosemary (a bunch growing on a plant we have outside), bay leaves, tomato paste (this stuff is like gold right now! I used a sachet here but would normally use a single punnet), chicken stock (from powder because we didn't have any in a carton) and wine (probably half a bottle).

Coq au vin

I also didn't cook things in the same order.

For this one I started with the bacon

Coq au vin

Then the onions and garlic

Coq au vin

Then the mushrooms

Coq au vin

Then the chicken (coated in flour before frying)

Coq au vin

Everything gets chucked into the pot ..

Coq au vin

..to simmer for like half an hour or so. Ok so it looks disgusting, but it's oh so good!

Coq au vin

Serve with rice and frozen veggies (if you can get them during your favourite virus pandemic)

Coq au vin

I left the mushrooms whole so David could pick them out if he wanted to, but he actually ate them, go figure ;)

Flood Relief

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Thirty years ago today Mum took this photo of me sitting on their bed.  They'd had the bedspread and lamps since they moved into the house in 1972, so what, eighteen years.  They donated them to the Nyngan flood relief cause.  

So the lamps and bedspread went to that.  The print above the bed they kept for another seventeen years.  I gave it away on Freecycle for them in February 2007.  The bed head Mum still has, although to give herself a bit of extra space in her bedroom, she got a single bed and got the bed head cut down to work with a single bed.  The funky looking phone was an old rotary dial phone we had for years.  I probably used it the most, talking to my first boyfriend in 1991/1992.  Mum may still have that jumper.

Me on Mum and Dad's bed

Backdating this because I'm a slacker .. again..

As of Tuesday last week I'd slept ok the past couple of nights.  Although I realised I probably shouldn't say such things as I'm likely to jinx myself.  I'd been stressing on the weekend about the neverending housework and how many times a day I cleaned the kitchen and I'd had to run the dishwasher *twice* on the weekend and again that Tuesday night, but then the little brother cleared the floor for me and the sweetie did some washing up and I felt better about life again :)  I cooked a bunch of veggies for dinner (a tomato bake - roasted halved tomatoes topped with basil and melty cheese at the end, asparagus caesar (asparagus, butter, lemon juice, parmesand cheese) and carrots).  And I made a Yum! Delicious! cake because David and found me self-raising flour.  


Yum delicious cake

Wednesday I finally finished part picking the six sets I started on the weekend.  Sometimes it really does take all weekend (and then some) which is why I stopped for so long - if we had anything at all on the weekend I didn't commit to starting, because there'd be a good chance I wouldn't finish.  Cooked some pork leftovers up with some broccolini which was quite nice.

Pork leftovers

Thursday turned up to problems with SSO in the morning, and having to fight with router ACLs in the afternoon, so pretty crappy day.  Had some Corona with the sweetie.

Corona beer

We were going to try and get Chong Co delivery but their website wasn't showing up as available, and they didn't answer the phone either.  So had more deep pan pizza (getting a bit thicker) - but the second pizza that week - blerf.

Dominos deep pan pizza

And then watched Prisoner of Azkaban.

Tell me what this reminds you of..


Good Friday I started on Vic's Life on Mars part picking.  I thought there were twelve sets.  Turns out there was 22.  He had many copies of some of the smaller sets - eight of one of them!  Spent time on Saturday and Sunday doing that as well.  Also made some good progress on the big jigsaw we've had going since January.  It took us about three months to do half the jigsaw, and we did the second half pretty much over the Easter long weekend.  Helped by Ravensburger very nicely using the same cutter on either side of the jigsaw, so I flipped the top (mostly sky) round, lay it over the bottom, and smashed it out.  

On Friday we went for a walk around the block.  People were actually really friendly, everyone smiled.  I saw happy tree a bit closer up, but it's in someone's back yard, so can't get close.  Cooked sausages for dinner and watched the 1970 Airport movie.

Happy tree close up

Took ages to get to sleep Friday night - super restless.  House stuff, food shopping, jigsaw and Lego.  I went food shopping fairly early on Saturday, but Coles was depleted of different thing.  Like there was hardly any orange juice, frozen food, or bananas.  Still no toilet paper or liquid soap available, but I did manage to get some paper towel, garlic/echinacea/zinc/C tablets, and some brown rice.  And then felt like I was getting a sore throat all day.  Cooked pork leftovers red curry, and watched Airport 75.

Pork red curry

Pork red curry

Sunday, mostly just Lego and jigsaw.  There may have been pizza scrolls for lunch.  

Pizza scrolls

I took a "before" photo of our dungeon room.  It's not before Stu started pulling out books to give away so that's why there's an empty few shelves.

Dungeon April


Watched Airport 77 in the evening.

Monday was mostly just house stuff and rearranging shelves.  I put out a fun jigsaw for David to do to have a break between one hard one and the next.

David doing cupcake jigsaw

And then made runny poo for dinner!

Actually beef stew, which looks digusting but tastes amazing

Runny poo beef stew

Runny poo beef stew

Finished up the Airport box set with Airport 79 - the Concorde.  The Concorde they used in the movie was the same one that crashed - so sad!!

Tuesday I woke up at Dentist Time and never got back to sleep :(:(  Started on the next section of the Disney behemoth jigsaw.

Wednesday was cranky day due to Skype sucking donkey balls.  I hate being on the phone at the best of times, but it kept dropping out and at one point left me with a big black square in the middle of the screen and I had to restart my vm to clear it.  Not happy Jan.  I asked the sweetie to cook dinner, so he ordered Chong Co, successfully this time.

Quarantine Birds

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How good is this?

Which Quarantine Bird are You?

(From @JessHarwoodArt)

Stu and I are definitely owls.  Other than working from home and not catching up with friends on weekends, everything is much the same.

So our COVID-19 routine is not too different to general reality.  I started working from home on March 17.  Mainly because I had the hint of a sore throat and cough, and while it was extremelly unlikely to be Coronavirus (what with only about half a dozen cases in the ACT at the time), I didn't want to be *that person* that spread it around. 

My home setup is *ok* for working from home.  The biggest problem is my monitor setup.  At work my primary monitor is on my left, and the secondary is to the right.  At home my primary monitor is straight in front, and the secondary is smaller and off to the left.  So everything is a bit backwards for me.  Also I'm in what would be the formal dining room of the house, between the kitchen and the living room.  So just need to be a bit mindful of having Stu or David seeing stuff they shouldn't (which really isn't much).  We're lucky because our work is very well setup for people to work remotely, and our infrastructure supports it quite happily.  The only tricky situation came with all staff broadcasts flooding our internet links, but they've started streaming those to an external website, so even that is not such an issue anymore.  Skype, however, sux donkey balls.  It's fine for text chat, but that's about it.  Anything more is just asking too much of it.

Stu started working from home about a week and a half after me.  It took him a while to get the hardware/software he needed from his work setup.  But once he got that he's been doing ok.  We had started to setup my Lego room as a study for him before any of this started (with David mostly taking over the other desk in the dining room study, Stu wanted his own desk and private space).  It worked out really well for him to work in that room.  This weekend we've done a whole heap more rearranging.  Stu pulled out *lots* of books to be given away (sadly Lifeline are not currently taking donations due to covid-19 so they're just piling up at the moment).  I took all my models (well, all the ones from the big shelves) downstairs, and Stu took all his work/study and some of lifestyle books upstairs.  The bookshelves are super messy and unorganised right now due to all the rearranging, but I still need to get rid of the Lego minifig workstation on the table before I can pull out all the remaining books for sorting.  And it's starting to get really cold down there, so running out of time.  I suspect the bookshelves will stay messy for a while yet.

David has to keep going to work outside the house.  He's a shift worker, and unfortunately for him, we're home all the time now, which means he can't watch DVDs/Netflix while we're at work.  Well at least not on the TV.  He could probably setup his laptop to watch things with headphones if he was so inclined.  His work also means that if covid-19 does start spreading in Canberra, he's on the front lines for exposure, and it's probably inevitable that it hits our house at some point over winter.  

Lunches during the week are almost always leftovers of some description.  Pretty simple.  What has been suffering though is any sort of exercise and vitamin D.  Usually I would get a ten minute walk each way to go get food for lunch, but if I'm just heating up leftovers I don't get that.  So I've started going for a little walk at lunch.  Usually only about ten minutes, but enough to get me out of the house, get the blood circulating, and get a little vitamin D.  

Probably the single nicest thing about working from home is the lack of commuting.  I've been using the extra time in the mornings to scan more of Dad's slides.  I've been smashing out two boxes a week.  The evenings are a little less structured.  I've got a little list of things to do in the extra time between 5pm and 6pm, but haven't really done too much constructive with the extra time.  I am able to knock off work when I want to though, and not either have to wait for the sweetie or catch a bus.  So that's really nice.  My flex time is a bit too high at the moment, so will try and ease that down a bit, then will keep mostly fairly regular hours, which will also be nice.

Shopping is the biggest challenge of all of this.  I want to minimise how often I go out, so need to do bigger shops when I do go (and go by myself which is super sad - the sweetie and I have always gone shopping together).  There's three people eating here, two of us eating all meals at home, which means we need a lot more food in the house.  If I'm shopping fortnightly I have to get stuff for the first week that has to be eaten quickly, and stuff for the second week that lasts longer.  Fridge space is a huge issue at the beginning of the fortnight.  The supermarkets are out of various things at various times, so there's no guarantee that when you do go shopping you'll be able to get what you need.  I haven't seen toilet paper in Coles since we got one of the last packs when we got back from Pete's 40th at the beginning of March.  Fortunately I've been able to get it at Chris's so we haven't run out.  As I mentioned in another blog entry, we don't eat a lot of packaged food, mostly fresh food.  But the stuff that we do use all the time (tinned tomatoes, tomato paste and rice) has been difficult to get.  Again, I've been able to get things from Chris's when really needed.  

The rest of my routine hasn't changed.  I still get up at the same time (Stu plays on his phone a little longer before getting up).  I still shower and wear the exact same thing - my uniform of jeans a tshirt, with a jumper when it's cold.  I do the same things on the weekends - housework stuff and whatever projects/hobbies I'm working on.  I don't have any more time on my hands than normal, so it's not like I have time to binge watch anything.   Maybe if we do get sick we can binge watch stuff.  

The clutter is getting to me though.  We have things that need to go to the tip (like our old oven), or the Green Shed, or Lifeline.  But while I think the tip and the Green Shed are still open, I would classify them as non-essential.  So we have piles of stuff around the house.  And Stu could really use a better desk in his study, but we can't just go shopping for a new one.  Well, again, we probably *could* but we're trying to be good about this whole staying at home except for essential stuff thing...  

The only other significant change is not catching up with friends.  We would go out or have people over I guess on average every other weekend.  So that's not happening (other than a couple of virtual catchups).  It's a little sad, but remember, we're owls.  We like keeping to ourselves :)

In all of this we have been extremelly lucky/blessed.  We haven't had to stress about losing our jobs, or have to take care of kids as well as work, or wonder where the money for our next meal is going to come from.  2020 is sure going to be one hell of a year .. 

Goat Goat

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It was ten years ago this month that Kit got Goat Goat.  She was such a sweet little thing.  Kit and I basically met because of her - Goat Goat would come and eat the climbing roses we have out the front before Kit got her enclosed properly, and Kit would have to come and retrieve her.  Kit only had her for two and a half years before a dog managed to get into her yard and mauled her.  We were all pretty upset.  I told Kit it had been ten years and she was thinking it might be time to get another one ;)

This was taken ten years ago today.

Goat Goat

Just a fun couple of photos.

The first was taken by my Dad in 1976 (I scanned the slide this morning).

The second was taken by me in 2016.

Edit: I've added one from July 1990 to the middle!  Excuse my ugly mug, I was trying to frame it the same as the others ;)

Stanwell Tops 1976

Stanwell Tops 1990

Stanwell Tops 2016

Fun stuff.  Look at the difference in the houses in Stanwell Park, and the reclamation of the beach.

Monday I went and did the food shopping at lunch.  Definitely less crowded than the weekend.  Almost no pasta.  No liquid soap or vitamins.  Still no flour, dry rice, paper towel or toilet paper.  I was able to get a couple of tins of diced tomatoes, but a squeezy bottle of tomato paste and a four pack of tomato paste sachets was "too much tomato" and the squeezy bottle wouldn't scan.  Sadness.  We don't eat a lot of dried/packaged food, primarily fresh food, but the pantry stuff that we do use regularly (tomatoes/tomato paste/rice) is the stuff we can't get easily at the moment.  Geotagged day 6 in the evening.

Tuesday I woke up at midnight for an hour or two, and again from 5:30.  Le sigh.  Our rose bush put out a couple of roses right at the end of summer.

Late rose

In the evening I made nachos.  I don't think I've ever made nachos before.  Fry some onion and garlic, a pack of pork mince (that I was lucky enough to get on Monday), with one of the sachets of tomato paste, some cumin and some kashmiri chili, with corn chips I topped with cheese and grilled, and serve with salsa, cheese and sour cream.

The boys *destroyed* them.  So much for leftovers!


Wednesday was minifig picking in the evening for a bunch of sets.  I still hate how Lego changed the colours of their greys and brown back in ~2003.  It's a real pain in the @$$ to separate them, especially in low light.  I mean just look how similar they are.

Lego old grey

With a flash it's slightly easier to see the difference

Lego greys

Wednesday was geotagging day 7 of our USA 2004 trip, finishing BBT season 7, and Friday finished scanning box 7 of Dad's slides (I'm smashing out two boxes per week).  777!

Thursday started on season 8 BBT.

Friday woke up at 3:30 with hurty.  Crazy busy couple of days at work.  I was so frazzled on Friday I really couldn't think straight at all.  But I did shut down access to an old test environment which was pretty cool.  In the afternoon David pulled the bumper off his car to install a new nudge bar and spotlights.  He managed to get it all done before 11pm, because he's "that good" ;)

David car

Saturday woke up early with hurty.  Mostly house work and Lego part picking.  Had drinks with EffanC in the evening which was nice.  Even over Zoom.  Made coq au vin for dinner and watched half of Dr Strangelove (got too restless to watch all of it).


Little sucker

Rainbow and yellow tree

Sunday I woke up early with hurty, except this time it *really* hurt, even with codeine, not helped by running out of naprogesic.  Slept in a bit when I finally got back to sleep, but felt exhausted and depressed all day.  David spent all day installing stuff and running wiring in his car.  He made a complete mess, but managed to get puzzle all back together again before he went to work.

David and his car

In the evening I gave the oven its first test with a full baked dinner (roast pork) which turned out pretty well, and finished Dr Strangelove (either that or started it Friday and finished Saturday, can't remember which).

Pork roast

And I watched the original Jodie Foster version of Freaky Friday that I saw once a very long time ago.  

Tonight we had pizza (because Stu got a migraine just after lunch and wanted comfort food).

And I blogged.

2020 is sure going to be a very strange year.

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IT geek, originally from Sydney, moved to Canberra in 2007. Married to "the sweetie", aka Stu. Prolific photographer, Lego junkie and tropical fish keeper.

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