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Fiona Week

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I've barely spent any time at my computer this week.  News feeds are way behind.  Blogging is way behind.  Photo sorting is way behind.

Saturday night we all went to a games night at Mishi's.  We played Geek Battle, which our team won, then 80s Trivial Pursuit, which Damien and Amanda won.  I'd gotten 80s Trivial Pursuit some years back from somewhere or other, played it once and not really liked it (I was only a kid in the 80s, so didn't have much concept of news, sport, and even music for pretty much the whole first half).  We gave it to Nat and Andrew, but they eventually returned it, considering they weren't even born until 1983 ;)  So when Amanda said they wanted it a while back, I wholeheartedly passed it on :)

Sunday morning Fiona went out, and the sweetie and I had brunch at Black Pepper and did our food shopping.  I continued to enjoy a full weekend at home and got a bit more of the house tidied.

Sunday night we did a roast pork, although I failed somewhat on the crackling.

Standard working week, although have been on call, and have had alerts wake me up Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday ... blah :(

A Town Like Alice

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Last week I finished reading A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute.  This was a book I picked up at a BookCrossing meetup years and years ago and finally got around to reading.  I quite enjoyed it, and read it quite quickly.  I didn't really know anything of the story either, so didn't have any expectations.  It's kind of two stories back to back - set in Malaysia and Australia.  I liked how the Malaysian part of the story was actually based on a similar march some Dutch women did across Sumatra during the war.  

Must see if I can find the mini-series some time to watch.

Déjà Dead

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A couple of weeks ago I finished Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs.  That's the second book of hers I've read, and I enjoyed this one a lot too.  Started off reading somewhat slowly, but it's a bit of a page turner, and ended up reading most of the last third of the book in just a couple of days.

Must read some more of hers...

Where were we?

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Thursday night went to @CLBradley's for BBQ dinner, but sadly Aquila had to leave early.

Friday we had a long lunch at Zierholz to celebrate Dave 5's promotion.  Had dinner with the sweetie at Dumpling Inn, although I wasn't very hungry, oh well.

Late Friday night Fiona came and we all just crashed.

This morning had a bit of a doze in (woke up at 5:30, bah).  Went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  But I swear every time we go there they stuff *something* up.  Today I ordered their ham and cheese croissant, which was meant to come with fries (weird I know, but it was on the menu).  But it didn't have any fries.  Which was fine because I didn't really need them.  But if they're going to charge $16 for a croissant you'd think it'd be more than just that.  Still, it was very nice.  And when they didn't charge for my orange juice I decided not to say anything.

Pulp Kitchen Croissant

This afternoon I've taken full advantage of the fact that I've barely been home in a month and caught up on cleaning and tidying.  Made me feel a lot better.

What day is it?

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Tuesday night (and more of Monday night) Mum and I continued working on the garage.  I pulled lots of things down off high shelves to sort out/chuck.  There were several boxes of commercial VHS tapes, and a couple of boxes of tapes Dad had taped off tv.  There were several unopened copies each of DOS 5, Windows 3.1, old Word versions and other stuff.  There was a box of papers dating from 1981-1983 including church office newsletters, magazine/newspaper articles, and even a long letter writing to the rail authority complaining that he had not in fact fare evaded, as he had bought a weekly ticket but had inadvertantly thrown out the new one and had been carrying the old one around.  We piled up several recycling bins worth of paper in the garage, so that'll keep mum's bins full for a couple of weeks.

Came home last night via Yvonne's to drop off some stuff.  Had Harry and the car in front of me doing the same speed to keep me company and awake.  

This morning I wasn't really sure what day it was.  I alternated between a weekend day, Monday, and Friday before realising it was Thursday.  Oh well, at least there's beer to look forward to in 8.5 hours.


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Dad moved into a nursing home today.

He's hating it.

To be honest I wasn't that impressed either.  At Calvary he had a wonderful view of the city and the planes, and a room to himself.  There was just nothing going on there to keep him entertained.  At this new place he's stuck in a room with a partly deaf guy who's basically just a zombie watching the television very loudly and hasn't talked to dad at all.  It was super hard for us to talk to dad because the tv was blaring and there was another person *right there*.  Dad was totally pissed off at the world - feeling like the doctors didn't want to talk to him, just a quickie conversation then off again, and complained that the food was cold etc.  Basically no matter what things were like he was going to be negative about it.

So that put me in a blah mood, and really upset mum. 


Here we go again...

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Friday night Andrew W came over and fixed a couple of plumbing problems we've had, but the toilet problem is much more complicated and he's referring us to a mate who's had more experience with that style of outlet.

Saturday we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  They've changed their menu slightly and the breakfast raclette is not there anymore.  I had eggs benedict with ham, and a side of streaky bacon, but the dude forgot to write down the side, so I had to get it after they brought out my eggs.  It wasn't as good as last time though, oh well.  But the ham was very nice on the eggs benedict.

Pulp Kitchen Eggs Benedict

Afterwards did some food shopping then came home.  I pottered around the house and Stu worked on his assignment.

Saturday night we actually had a night off.  It was the first Saturday night since May 11 that we've had where we didn't go out or have anyone over.  We watched some Star Trek and then Gladiator.

Sunday morning tidied the house a bit, then Damien came over for a war game.  I was planning to leave for Sydney around 11am, but firstly the garage door broke (a bracket came off and it wouldn't roll up - we did manage to roll it manually somewhat), and then my car was completely dead and wouldn't start.  Not even any charge lights at all.  *sigh*.  So got the NRMA battery dude out and he ended up replacing it (it was four years old - older than I thought).  So made it to Sydney a couple of hours later than I expected.

Went to visit Dad.  He's "sad" he described himself.  Mostly about facing the unknown of moving into a nursing home tomorrow.

Mum did an instant roast dinner for lunch with leftover pork, then we attacked the garage for an hour or so.  I climbed up into the shelves and pulled down piles of stuff.  I made an executive decision that VGA cards, other I/O cards, MS DOS 5, Windows 3.1, Microsoft Word etc etc could all be safely tossed.  We filled several large boxes with manuals for software that was out of date twenty years ago, a lot of it unopened. 

Fun fun fun ...


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On Friday night I came home feeling a bit depressed because instead of being able to relax I had to do housework, because I have no other night to do it :/

Saturday morning I went the opposite direction to my usual weekend drive - this time to Junee to visit the little brother. I asked Google Maps where to go, and it sent me off the Hume at Jugiong and up to Cootamundra.  It was a nice drive, although the roads weren't the best.  And canola sure is yellow.

Junee drive

Junee drive

Junee drive

David's house is very nice.  But smaller than their place at Picton, which could make things .. *interesting* to try and fit it all in.

We rearranged some furniture and I sorted out his blurays and put them in a cupboard, and just hung out.  Watched the election coverage until we got too depressed, then watched Deathly Hallows on tv.

I woke up at 6:20 as per usual and couldn't get back to sleep.  Hung out doing puzzles on the lounge room floor (no lounges yet).  

Just before lunch went and looked at one of Junee's tourist attractions - the licorice and chocolate factory.  But we were (David was! ;) ) running late so didn't get much of a look.  Got some white chocolate rocky road (although almost didn't because the service was pretty slow and we were late for lunch).

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

Then to lunch at the Junee Hotel for their $10 Sunday roast - pork - yum!  Didn't need dinner (I might have had a couple of slices of bacon, shh don't tell anyone).  

Junee Hotel Sunday roast

David went off to work, and I came home.

Felt a bit lost when I got home.  Tired and feeling like I really need a whole weekend at home.  Was feeling pretty blah tonight (it's Sunday after all), so Stu suggested putting on some music.  So I put on some John Williams, because that always cheers me up.  Used the hour to get my blog more or less up to date.

Peking Duck and Pizza

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On Tuesday I met up with @StuartCRyan for lunch at Super Bowl in Chinatown.

We had a whole Peking Duck.

And it was amazing :)

Super Bowl Peking Duck

Super Bowl Peking Duck

We ated the whole thing :)

Tuesday night David and Yvonne came over to mum's bearing pizza (they forgot to take the leftovers, so mum and I had them the next night). 

After the pizza we all trekked downstairs and David made some suggestions about what was likely to have any interest for people and what could safely be thrown out.

We also found more of Dad's not-very-secret chocolate stash.

Dad's chocolate stash

Wednesday night I came home again.


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I think I went on the Sydney Monorail maybe twice? three times? in its twenty-five year service.  Once or twice as a tourist ride (because it didn't really go anywhere particularly useful), and once with Dave2 in 2011 when it was pouring with rain and we needed to get back from Darling Harbour to the city.

Even so, I was a little sad that they shut it down.

Last Monday we went out for a walk around a good chunk of the track to document the removal works.

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

Sydney Monorail removal works

August Jigsaws

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Actually achieved a few jigsaws in August

This is one I borrowed from work.  But someone had cut open the box badly and not put the jigsaw in a bag, so there missing pieces :(
Outback jigsaw

This is "Ogre's Birthday" - given to me by Marylon ages and ages ago, and only just got around to doing it.  I started it months ago, but progress halted when it got too cold to work downstairs.
Ogre's Birthday

This one Nat and Andrew lent to me around my birthday.  Very easy jigsaw, did it in a night.
Mario Jigsaw

This was one we did at work that someone had brought in for us to do.  It was a lot of fun, and we might have been a little distracted by it. :)
Wasjig jigsaw

Wasjig jigsaw box

Back again

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Went home from Sydney late Wednesday night.

BBQ at @CLBradley's Thursday night.

Quiet night at home Friday night, which was much needed.

Then Saturday morning, after feeling like I only just *got* home, I left home again *sigh*.

Went to the club for a lunch and a meeting, then stayed the night.  Was pretty good.

Today I took the Tarago road to Goulburn and then to Sydney.

Visited Dad.  Yup.

Then helped mum do some weeding and more organising of the garage.  A whole stack of tools have homes now.  And there's a clear bench top which is a little freaky.

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