Where were we?

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Thursday night went to @CLBradley's for BBQ dinner, but sadly Aquila had to leave early.

Friday we had a long lunch at Zierholz to celebrate Dave 5's promotion.  Had dinner with the sweetie at Dumpling Inn, although I wasn't very hungry, oh well.

Late Friday night Fiona came and we all just crashed.

This morning had a bit of a doze in (woke up at 5:30, bah).  Went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  But I swear every time we go there they stuff *something* up.  Today I ordered their ham and cheese croissant, which was meant to come with fries (weird I know, but it was on the menu).  But it didn't have any fries.  Which was fine because I didn't really need them.  But if they're going to charge $16 for a croissant you'd think it'd be more than just that.  Still, it was very nice.  And when they didn't charge for my orange juice I decided not to say anything.

Pulp Kitchen Croissant

This afternoon I've taken full advantage of the fact that I've barely been home in a month and caught up on cleaning and tidying.  Made me feel a lot better.

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