Here we go again...

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Friday night Andrew W came over and fixed a couple of plumbing problems we've had, but the toilet problem is much more complicated and he's referring us to a mate who's had more experience with that style of outlet.

Saturday we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  They've changed their menu slightly and the breakfast raclette is not there anymore.  I had eggs benedict with ham, and a side of streaky bacon, but the dude forgot to write down the side, so I had to get it after they brought out my eggs.  It wasn't as good as last time though, oh well.  But the ham was very nice on the eggs benedict.

Pulp Kitchen Eggs Benedict

Afterwards did some food shopping then came home.  I pottered around the house and Stu worked on his assignment.

Saturday night we actually had a night off.  It was the first Saturday night since May 11 that we've had where we didn't go out or have anyone over.  We watched some Star Trek and then Gladiator.

Sunday morning tidied the house a bit, then Damien came over for a war game.  I was planning to leave for Sydney around 11am, but firstly the garage door broke (a bracket came off and it wouldn't roll up - we did manage to roll it manually somewhat), and then my car was completely dead and wouldn't start.  Not even any charge lights at all.  *sigh*.  So got the NRMA battery dude out and he ended up replacing it (it was four years old - older than I thought).  So made it to Sydney a couple of hours later than I expected.

Went to visit Dad.  He's "sad" he described himself.  Mostly about facing the unknown of moving into a nursing home tomorrow.

Mum did an instant roast dinner for lunch with leftover pork, then we attacked the garage for an hour or so.  I climbed up into the shelves and pulled down piles of stuff.  I made an executive decision that VGA cards, other I/O cards, MS DOS 5, Windows 3.1, Microsoft Word etc etc could all be safely tossed.  We filled several large boxes with manuals for software that was out of date twenty years ago, a lot of it unopened. 

Fun fun fun ...

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