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Dad moved into a nursing home today.

He's hating it.

To be honest I wasn't that impressed either.  At Calvary he had a wonderful view of the city and the planes, and a room to himself.  There was just nothing going on there to keep him entertained.  At this new place he's stuck in a room with a partly deaf guy who's basically just a zombie watching the television very loudly and hasn't talked to dad at all.  It was super hard for us to talk to dad because the tv was blaring and there was another person *right there*.  Dad was totally pissed off at the world - feeling like the doctors didn't want to talk to him, just a quickie conversation then off again, and complained that the food was cold etc.  Basically no matter what things were like he was going to be negative about it.

So that put me in a blah mood, and really upset mum. 


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