Fiona Week

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I've barely spent any time at my computer this week.  News feeds are way behind.  Blogging is way behind.  Photo sorting is way behind.

Saturday night we all went to a games night at Mishi's.  We played Geek Battle, which our team won, then 80s Trivial Pursuit, which Damien and Amanda won.  I'd gotten 80s Trivial Pursuit some years back from somewhere or other, played it once and not really liked it (I was only a kid in the 80s, so didn't have much concept of news, sport, and even music for pretty much the whole first half).  We gave it to Nat and Andrew, but they eventually returned it, considering they weren't even born until 1983 ;)  So when Amanda said they wanted it a while back, I wholeheartedly passed it on :)

Sunday morning Fiona went out, and the sweetie and I had brunch at Black Pepper and did our food shopping.  I continued to enjoy a full weekend at home and got a bit more of the house tidied.

Sunday night we did a roast pork, although I failed somewhat on the crackling.

Standard working week, although have been on call, and have had alerts wake me up Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday ... blah :(

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