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Twenty years ago today, Aida asked me to come along with her to document the state of one of her rental apartments.  This one was in Tamarama and had a wonderful view of the beach.  



Wednesday.  Bit of a disaster at work due to some expired certificates (that were so deeply hidden they don't show up in the browser, so took a while to troubleshoot and fix).  

Thursday had Thirsty Thursday with Kit and Pete and had a game of Kismet (Kit won).  We were going to try Skip Bo but it would have been too complicated.

Friday I finally watched Toy Story 4.  It sure does look stunning.  Not quite entirely convinced by the ending.

Saturday morning in at work to do some maintenance, but got screwed over by someone hard coding something where hard coding was never even needed, and hadn't been done in test, which I'd done prior, and so took me (and Con) ages to figure out.  Not happy Jan.  So spent the entire morning there.  Afternoon just housework and stuff on the todo list.  In the evening I watched both versions of Dumbo.  I haven't seen the original in *years*.  The remake actually follows the original relatively closely, with the addition of people that help him learn to fly instead of a mouse (who you still see a hint of).  Except they didn't get him drunk for pink elephants on parade, they did it with bubbles, which was pretty cool.  Then it keeps going to see what might have happened next.  As I was watching I was thinking it sounded a bit like Danny Elfman.  And there was Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito who were together in Batman Returns.  And then at the end it's like, directed by Tim Burton, and it all fell into place :)

Sunday was just doing stuff on the todo list.  In the evening I watched the 1999 Kathy Bates version of Annie.  And cooked an epic lamb roast.  Which I had to myself.  With epic leftovers.

Lamb roast

Lamb roast leftovers

Monday was USA 2004 photo processing.

Lonely rhododendron flower

The rhododendron really suffered this summer.  It's having a quick catchup now.
Lonely rhododendron flower

Tonight was taking the geodata I did in Google Earth in probably 2005 or 2006 and translating that into geotagged files.  I'd located a bunch of photos from the flights, and had done selected photos from half of the trip, so that'll give me a good head start for geotagging the rest.  It's going to be a lot harder than the 2000 trip, because there were a lot of out and about photos, photos on walking trails, photos taking from moving cars etc.  Road trips are a lot harder than walking around in cities!

Moving Day

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So twenty years ago was moving day.  I hired a 2 tonne truck, managed to reverse it up our driveway, and had a few friends come and help load and unload.  I only had a bedroom's worth of furniture to move so it wasn't very hard.

Josh helping pack

James having a breather

Loading the truck

Last Tuesday.  Couldn't get to sleep again last Monday night so Tuesday was another zombie day.  But came home a bit early and had quite a productive evening doing housework and photo stuff.  Did most although not all of the things on the todo list, but actually felt pretty relaxed about it all which was good.

Tuesday night slept really well, which worried me I'd ruin Wednesday night's slep heh.  Did a bunch of planning work at work.  In the evening was blogging USA 2000 photos, and had another quite productive and fairly relaxed evening.

Another good night sleep Wednesday night, and more planning Thursday.

Well the good sleep had to end.  Friday morning woke up at 3am.  At 4am I got up and blogged.  Went back to bed and got a *little* bit more sleep.  But pretty tired Friday.  Finished of my planny plan plan and sent it around for review.  Got home and started watching Clutch Powers which Chrissie lent me forever ago, while waiting for Kit and Pete to arrive up from the coast.  They came and got me and we headed over to Pete's Mum's place.  We walked to the Labor Club only to find that Kit had been banned... fifteen years ago!!  And she didn't know.  Because she'd been to the Labor Club *multiple* times over the years.  Weird stuff.  My theory is that for years they would scan your licence, but probably there was nothing electronic to tie it back to a person, it was just as evidence.  Nowadays they OCR the licences and look people up electronically so it's finally linked her back.  Anyway so Kit was pretty upset and Leisa was hungry and Carol didn't want anything too salty and Kit's not a fan of Asian so we're all like.. um.. Anyway we thought we'd try Charnie's Noodles and Dumplings.  So the girls sat down while Pete and I went to the bottle-o.  When we got back they said it was an hour and a half wait for food.  And we were like WTF.  There were like three other people in the restaurant.  But apparently they have an epic takeaway/delivery service.  So we said forget it and walked out.  Back to the drawing board.  So we ended up getting Crust takeaway which we took back to Carol's.  A bit of a debacle, but we ended up having quite a nice evening of chatting.  And there was a puppy.

Carol's puppy

Slept relatively well Friday night, but didn't end up getting much done on Saturday.  Did a bit of USA 2000 photo stuff but not a lot else.  Watched Skyfall in the evening.  No good quotes from that movie or iconic one liners (at least from Bond).  

Another relatively good night's sleep Saturday.  Finally finished getting our tax organised to be posted off to the accountant.  Did a bunch of processing of the scans I have of Mum's photos (for future blogging).

Also saw this wild blue tongue lizard in the back yard twice on Sunday.

Bluey in the back yard

Dropped Stu off at the airport, then did food shopping.

Also.  Oh no, not again.


Monday I went to cook lemon chicken using some of the lemons that dropped over Christmas, but sadly they don't last forever and most of them had dried out.  Sadness.  Did find a few to use so that was nice.  Didn't get much else done though.

Tonight managed to get the photos off my phone without ending up in tears which is always a win.  Helped by not having any videos this week, and none of the pngs had had their timestamps screwed with by Apple.  Also watched the Dirty Dancing episode of The Movies that Made Us.

And look, it's before 9:30.  Although I still need to wash my hair.  Dammit.

Rainbow Lorikeets

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Twenty years ago I was now officially out of home but I still didn't have all my stuff yet, so was still getting organised back at the parents'.  One Thursday night I snapped some pics of rainbow lorikeets that Dad used to feed in the back yard.  Rainbow lorikeets are lovely little birds but sadly we don't get them in Canberra.



Moving out of home

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After the anniversary dinner I went and stayed the night at my new flat.  So I officially moved out of home when I was exactly twenty six and a half.  I didn't have any of my furniture yet, so spent a few nights on an inflatable mattress.  I can't remember the reasoning, maybe I didn't have my main computer, I don't know, but I remember dialling into CIA with Telix and from there telnetting to a shell to check my mail.  

With Mum and Dad in the new flat

Kaz in her new flat


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Thirty years later.. twenty years ago today .. we took Mum and Dad out for dinner.  Being Valentine's Day trying to go somewhere nice, for four people, without a booking, was a little tricky.  But we did manage to squeeze into a place in Brighton Le Sands.

Mum and Dad on their Pearl Wedding Anniversary


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Celebrating what would have been a golden day ..

Wedding Album

Mum and Dad's wedding

Here's some of Mum getting ready

Mum ready for the wedding

Mum ready for the wedding

Mum leaving for the wedding

Arriving at the church

Mum arriving at the church

Mum arriving at the church

Mum arriving at the church

Signing the register

Signing the register

Walking back down the aisle

Walking back down the aisle

Some shots of people outside the church

Dad and Mum just married

Dad and Mum just married

Wedding party

With the parents


Dad and Mum just married

Mum after the wedding

Some at the reception venue

Mum at the reception

Mum at the reception

Dad and Mum at the reception

Wedding part at the reception

With Dad's parents

With Mum's family

Dad and Mum with their wedding cake

Dad's parents and Uncle Ian

The wedding cake

Cutting the cake


Bridal waltz

Getting the garter to throw

Going away 

Mum and Dad about to leave

Getting ready to go away

Dad and Mum about to leave

There were also a few small colour prints of the day.  Mum regretted not getting the whole day done properly in colour, but it was still a lot more expensive to do colour back then..

Margaret, the Matron of Honour, and Mum

Leaving for the church

Mum arriving at the church

At the church

Grandpa and Mum at the church

Cutting the cake

Ready to leave

Happy anniversary Mum and Dad!

Mum and Dad

The Flat - Part 2

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This day twenty years ago I signed the lease for the little flat in Marrickville (yay for being accepted for a rental property first try!!).  I took the keys and went over and had a look at the place and took a heap of photos.  

This was the living room.  The buffet came with the place.  I moved it under the window and used it for storing plates and glasses.

Living room of the flat

Looking across the living room into the kitchen.

Living room and kitchen of the flat

The fridge space and one of the benches

Kitchen bench of the flat

The kitchen

Kitchen of the flat

The bedroom.  The dressing table also came with the place, and I used it for linen storage.

Bedroom of the flat

Another view of the bedroom.

Bedroom of the flat

The shower/bath had some staining which didn't ever come out.

Stained shower recess of the flat

The bathroom sink.

Bathroom sink of the flat

The loo

The loo

USA Geotagging

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It was surprisingly easy to geotag my photos from twenty years ago!  Who knew!?  Mostly because they were of fairly obvious things.  And to be fair, I geotagged the flights back in 2005 when Google Earth first came out.  There were only a few that were a bit tricky, and only a couple I couldn't get at all (eg some brownstones in Brooklyn that had no photos half an hour either side so could have been literally anywhere in Brooklyn, or a couple of photos in Sonoma wine country that could have again been anywhere, and the one of endless fields in Nebraska).  Some were a bit of a fudge (the ferry to Alcatraz).  I was also a little disturbed that I could so the World Trade Centre photos with precision as well.  Not sure why I felt so strange about that.  Also freaky just how much *hasn't* changed in twenty years.  Like Storybook Land in flowers in Disneyland.

LA to San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco to New York geotagging

New York geotagging

New York to DC geotagging

DC geotagging

DC to LA geotagging

Disneyland geotagging

Cooks River

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Twenty years ago today I took these photos on the Cooks River.  I have no idea what I was doing there at lunch time on a Thursday.  Weird stuff.  It does seem to be showing the construction of the M5 East, but still no idea why I would have been there on a Thursday .. 

Cooks River

Cooks River

Cooks River

Sydney Airport

No movies, no quotes

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Man the insomnia last week was horrendous.  I think I only got about one good night's sleep all week.

Tuesday night I woke up at ~3am for a couple of hours.  So Wednesday was an even worse zombie day than Tuesday.  On Wednesday evening I finished fully labelling my USA 2000 photos (everything had been labelled previously, but I wanted to flesh it out a little.

These things were so good!  Just like cheese kranskis.

Bacon and cheese sausages - awesomeness

Wednesday night I actually slept quite well.  I think I started culling down the USA 2000 photos for blogging on Thursday evening.  Note that all these photos have been online for nineteen years on conspiracy, but I've never put the photos and the blog together (actually I only digitised the blog a couple of years ago).  Rewatched first two episodes of Picard because David wanted to see it too.  Struggling to get stuff watched now cause noone's ever around at the same time.  Haven't even started the Mandalorian.

Friday morning I woke up at 1am and never got back to sleep.  Worst zombie day of the week.  I couldn't deal with people at work, you know the ones that don't actually understand basic networking, so they have no idea what they're even asking for.  My brain was just too mushy to deal.  So spent the day deleting old firewall rules which was a bit of fun.  Met up with the sweetie for a drink at Beirut Bunker Bar, then we had dinner at Kinn Thai.  Both the chili jam crispy pork and the papaya crispy chicken were "one chilli" rated, which you'd think would be mild, but it was at the upper limit of my tolerance.  I'd hate to try anything hotter there...

Kinn Thai crispy pork

Kinn Thai crispy chicken

The sweetie dropped me off at the airport which was lovely of him, but when I arrived I found my flight had been delayed over an hour and a half - apparently due to the bad weather in Sydney.  I chatted to Rob and Fiona briefly who happened to be there.  Then I tried to see if I could get on the earlier Sydney flight, but apparently it was full.  Had to ask.  So went and bought some overpriced wine and sat and read my book.  The original indicator board said boarding was at 20:25.   So at a bit after 20:15 I went for a bit of a wander.  Saw the indicator boards that said my boarding time was 20:10, but there was nothing to say go to gate.  So that confused me a bit.  So I kept walking, and then finally heard the announcement for the final boarding call for my flight (I couldn't hear the announcements properly where I'd been sitting).  So then it's like crap.  I'm basically at the Qantas end of the terminal and I still need to pee.  So did that then basically had to run the entire way down the terminal to gate #3.  #grunt.  Turns out I wasn't the only one to get screwed over like that, we still had to wait for a few more people before we could take off.  Of course then I was coughing most of the flight from the exertion.  hrmmmmmm.  Still, I had the seat to myself, and got a few cool timelapses of the path out of Canberra and again in Sydney.

Obligatory fountain photo

Wine and a book

VH-FVZ at Canberra airport

So it's nearly 10pm by this point, and the buses don't run all that often, according to a timetable I found the next one was in half an hour.  So I thought it would be quicker to get the train, even though it costs about $15 more #grunt.  But there were no trains.  And the indicator boards had *nothing* to indicate how long to the next one.  In the end I waited over half an hour for a train to Wolli Creek.  Shoulda gone for the damned bus.  At Wolli Creek a Waterfall train pulled in as I got there, but it was 19 minutes til the next Cronulla train.  So was going to go to Sutherland and walk, but messaged Mum and she said she'd come get me which was lovely.  

Useless info board

So got to Mum's place and crashed in a heap.

Slept relatively well - and quite late - til 7:30!!

Had breakfast with Mum (cardboard flakes with liquid cardboard on top - yeuch), then we went for a wander (in the rain haha) to the shops for some supplies.  Came back and gave her computer a bit of a health check and uninstalled some crap and allowed Kaspersky to delete some dodgy toolbars.  After lunch I culled down Ryan's photos a bit.

Then headed off to the party.  I was pretty anxious to start with due to such a big crowd of people and not knowing so many, and the people I did know I hadn't seen in years and I was all a bit freaked out, until Luc saved me with some wine.  Then we got the morph video going and downloaded all my photos, so they got played through as well.  Lots of food and most everyone else seemed to have a good time heh. 

Ryan's 21st

Ryan's 21st

Ryan's 21st

Trained it back, just missed a Cronulla train so Mum picked me up from Sutherland again.  Isn't she a nice mother type person? :)

Slept reasonably well again, then got up, got ready and Mum nicely dropped me off at the station (it was *pouring* with rain heh).  Got to Central, went to the loo, then straight onto the coach which was waiting.  No announcements at all to confirm I was definitely on the right bus tho heh.  It was mostly full when I got there too, but someone was sitting on the aisle so I got a window seat yay!!  Not that there was much to see other than rain... Left fifteen minutes early, got into Canberra five minutes early.  I did finish my book an hour early though. Whoops.

Central station

Stu met me at Jolimont, then we had some lunch at Wild Panda which nice enough (some hot peanuts, tofu salad, and two sorts of dumplings).

Wild Panda

Wild Panda

Tried to do food shopping at the Spar in the city, but they had about three trays of meat and that was it.  So dropped into Coles on the way home.  In and out in ten minutes haha.

Didn't get home til mid afternoon, so then of course got depressed about not having any weekend.  And too late to start anything.  So just did a bit of Picasa tagging.  and cooked a pork roast.  But forgot to turn the oven down after half an hour, so the crackling was ruined (too hard).  Then I spilt most of the jelly everywhere.  I'm such a failure.  BBT, Fuller House, then bed.

Epic leftovers

Today I woke up thinking it was Saturday and got really sad that it was Monday.  But did a bit of planning which was good.  

A solid day of rain and the lake is full again!

Lake is full again

Panorama everything

Tonight I wanted to get the USA 2000 photos into the blog.  But at ~7:15 I started downloading and processing photos.  Two hours later and I'm still going, and still blogging (this has taken half an hour so far and I haven't even inserted any photos yet).  So much for getting anything else done tonight.  

Stop the world I want to get off.

The Flat

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Early in 2000 I started looking for places to move out of home into.  Primarily I was sick of the commute (an hour driving each way), and I wanted to be closer to my friends in Kogarah, and CIA in the city.  So I was looking for one bedroom places around Marrickville and suburbs around.  I'm pretty sure I looked at a few places, although I only have memories of one of them (possibly in Belmore??), which was ok, but not great.  Then I saw this place in Marrickville.  I had a look around, then walked out.  But I hesitated.  There wasn't anything too glaringly wrong with it, so I indicated to the Real Estate agent I was going to have another look.  So I did.  And thought it could work.  And it was only (!) $135/week.  It was at the back of a big old building that had been split into four flats.  It had a living area with kitchen, then a bedroom, then a bathroom behind that.  I decided I'd see if I could get it.

This would have been on the Saturday.  Two days later, on the Monday night, I have photos of the flat with Mum in it.  Presumably I must have asked the Real Estate agent if I could go back with my Mum for another look.

So yeah, twenty years ago tonight I took these...

Mum in the flat

The flat

The flat

More of this story to come.. ;)

In other news.. it was six years ago that Dad went and carked it...

.. or not..

Smoke on the 29th

Thursday we watched the live action Aladdin.  It was pretty underwhelming.  None of the charm of the original.  Will Smith's genie was probably the best thing about the movie, and he ain't no Robin Williams.  It felt like watching a Bollywood movie rather than a Middle Eastern one.

Friday Neil and I tried out Malatang Hotpot.  You choose your ingredients, pay by weight, choose a sauce, and they cook it for you.  ok value - my 275g of food was $7.95 or thereabouts (I can't remember the numbers).  They have four sauces in the built in sign above the food, but there were five on the counter (with spiciness ratings).  The ones above don't give any indication of spiciness, so I went with big bone broth, which sounded pretty mild.  And it was.  Neil got the spiciest, which was too hot for me.  I'd be happy to try a mild or maybe even a medium next time.  Biggest problem was the *huge* bits of spinach which made it super messy to eat.  They really need to cut things a bit smaller.

Malatang Hotpot

In the evening I watched My Brilliant Career, which was to be honest pretty boring.  Full of unlikeable characters behaving badly.  Meh.  But with a stoopidly young Sam Neill and Robert Grubb.

Friday night was stoopidly hot and I just could not get to sleep.  Epic grunt.  Might have had a meltdown around 1am.

So was pretty tired on Saturday.  Did a bit of house stuff, and a bit of photo stuff.  Did some food shopping, although I was nervous about leaving the house because it was super hot and very windy.  


As I was cooking dinner (beef stronganoff from an old packet of Mum's), EffanC called, so they ended up coming over for dinner and chatting and snackages.



Slightly late night but not too crazy.  

Sunday I spent the entire freakin day trying to get caught up on finances, getting bank statements etc to get organised for tax.  Yeah didn't even finish.  #grunt.

But the sweetie did cook a slow cooker chickpea curry for dinner.

Stu's chickpea curry

Monday I took a random day off, had a super productive hour or two of housework, and processed all Ryan's morph photos.  Made several videos for the party.  Later in the afternoon I pointed Picasa at my work photo directory and had it see who was in photos.  Interesting stuff.  It did find a lot automatically once tagged, but the majority it wants confirmation on.  It rather nicely saves all the people in each file into an ini file in the directory, to make for easy extraction later.  But I did forget to do my washing.  Whoops.  Cooking chicken teriyaki for dinner with a packet that was best before the exact same day Dad went and carked it..

Orroral smoke

Tuesday.  Even though last night was *much* cooler, I *still* couldn't get to still til some time between 12 and 1am.  So frustrating.  So zombie day today.  Salmon for dinner.  And then Stu challenged David to fix our two digital radios which stopped working last year.  And he did.  Because he's the most awesomest brother ever.  Also fun: we were both labelling photos from flights across America.  Me from late 2000.  Him from early 2020.  Fun times.

And there's a reason I don't tell Certain People stuff - cause whenever I do they basically tell me I'm doing it Wrong and make me feel dumb.  Le sigh.

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