The Flat

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Early in 2000 I started looking for places to move out of home into.  Primarily I was sick of the commute (an hour driving each way), and I wanted to be closer to my friends in Kogarah, and CIA in the city.  So I was looking for one bedroom places around Marrickville and suburbs around.  I'm pretty sure I looked at a few places, although I only have memories of one of them (possibly in Belmore??), which was ok, but not great.  Then I saw this place in Marrickville.  I had a look around, then walked out.  But I hesitated.  There wasn't anything too glaringly wrong with it, so I indicated to the Real Estate agent I was going to have another look.  So I did.  And thought it could work.  And it was only (!) $135/week.  It was at the back of a big old building that had been split into four flats.  It had a living area with kitchen, then a bedroom, then a bathroom behind that.  I decided I'd see if I could get it.

This would have been on the Saturday.  Two days later, on the Monday night, I have photos of the flat with Mum in it.  Presumably I must have asked the Real Estate agent if I could go back with my Mum for another look.

So yeah, twenty years ago tonight I took these...

Mum in the flat

The flat

The flat

More of this story to come.. ;)

In other news.. it was six years ago that Dad went and carked it...

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