The Flat - Part 2

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This day twenty years ago I signed the lease for the little flat in Marrickville (yay for being accepted for a rental property first try!!).  I took the keys and went over and had a look at the place and took a heap of photos.  

This was the living room.  The buffet came with the place.  I moved it under the window and used it for storing plates and glasses.

Living room of the flat

Looking across the living room into the kitchen.

Living room and kitchen of the flat

The fridge space and one of the benches

Kitchen bench of the flat

The kitchen

Kitchen of the flat

The bedroom.  The dressing table also came with the place, and I used it for linen storage.

Bedroom of the flat

Another view of the bedroom.

Bedroom of the flat

The shower/bath had some staining which didn't ever come out.

Stained shower recess of the flat

The bathroom sink.

Bathroom sink of the flat

The loo

The loo

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