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It was surprisingly easy to geotag my photos from twenty years ago!  Who knew!?  Mostly because they were of fairly obvious things.  And to be fair, I geotagged the flights back in 2005 when Google Earth first came out.  There were only a few that were a bit tricky, and only a couple I couldn't get at all (eg some brownstones in Brooklyn that had no photos half an hour either side so could have been literally anywhere in Brooklyn, or a couple of photos in Sonoma wine country that could have again been anywhere, and the one of endless fields in Nebraska).  Some were a bit of a fudge (the ferry to Alcatraz).  I was also a little disturbed that I could so the World Trade Centre photos with precision as well.  Not sure why I felt so strange about that.  Also freaky just how much *hasn't* changed in twenty years.  Like Storybook Land in flowers in Disneyland.

LA to San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco to New York geotagging

New York geotagging

New York to DC geotagging

DC geotagging

DC to LA geotagging

Disneyland geotagging

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