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Sunrise over Lake George the other morning


Fog on the Federal Highway






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Got offered a job today.

They've gone off to see how long they can wait for me...

Sunday Sillies

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Take 2:

  • helping clean J&G's place
  • listing lego on ebay

  • Frigging

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    The frigging smoke detector wouldn't stop beeping.
    Every minute.




    First problem: how the heck to reach the thing mounted on the roof. I don't have a ladder. The chairs get me nowhere near the roof. So moved over my model bookshelf and climbed up on top of that. Talk about an oh&s disaster. *sigh*

    But pulling the battery out made no difference (and the battery is all new and tingly, so the detector must just be confused). But I think, after pulling the battery out and killing the whole light circuit in the flat, that there was some capacitance leftover, cause it was still beeping for a few minutes.

    But no more!! There is silence!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep!!!!

    Saturday Sillies

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    Was all set for a day of catching up around the house, this being my first Saturday at home this month and all. Then J&G call me up to say F1, so I went over there for a few hours to help clean up the place.

    Then this dude turned up to check the smoke detectors and fire doors. And discovered that my smoke detector had been wired into mains - on the central light wiring. Which means the smoke detector only gets mains power when the lights are on (?!?) Bumheads. Meant my battery was flat yay. So he put a new battery in it, but because of the situation, this battery is now beeping the smoke detector, even with the lights on! *sigh*

    So then decided to tackle the Lego situation to get some of it sold. Far out ebay is a lot of work. Been at it all night and only about 10 things listed. Also listed a couple of things on Bricklink, which is a helluvalot easier. Be interesting to see if those things sell.

    And just for fun, the mail server has crashed twice today. *yay*

  • Maybe have the wedding either in Yass or in Canberra, at some church, dunno where yet
  • Photos around Lake Burley Griffin. I figure if I'm going to live in Canberra, I want Canberra photos for the wedding
  • Practically, reception should prolly be in Canberra too
  • People with cars would be expected to give people from interstate/overseas lifts around the place :)
  • Thinking of having wedding on a week day, but have a "pre-wedding" party for friends the weekend before. People could have a couple of days in Canberra playing tourist if they wanted to. Be a good chance to catch up with people, since is often hard to do at actual wedding-type events
  • Have a computer with a multi-memory card reader at the reception, and ask everyone to download all their digital photos of the event before they leave

    just some thoughts :)

  • Independence Day

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    Someone mentioned Independence Day today so of course I had to watch it. In fact I hadn't even opened the dvd yet.. (and I've had it over two years!!) :)

    The silly thing is, this movie and Mars Attacks! are so fused in my mind I have trouble remembering which movie is which :) (well at least with the trailer trash part anyway :) )

    Organ Donation

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    I just want to make this clear now. If I'm brain dead for whatever reason, I'd like my organs to be donated. I figure once I'm gone I won't need them anymore and someone else may as well have them. I have an organ donor card in my purse (and it's on my licence), so if it ever comes down to it, Stu, D&Y, this means *you* need to tell them it's ok.

    A poll, just for fun :)

    Where should Stu and I get married?
    Live in Sin
    River Island (think Betazed)
    pollcode.com free polls


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    Could lose it

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    My little finger, which has essentially been bandaged non-stop for the last two weeks, smells funny. In a bad way. It looks perfectly fine, it's happy and dry and pink, it just smells, and there's a bit of a loss of sensitivity. Am risking going without anything on it for the moment, as the nail is mostly separated from the skin now..


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    Driving down at sunset now..

    Friday night drank lots of beer (five for me - which is a lot, but not an insane amount, over course of evening but somehow it hit me hard and the motion sickness when we went to bed made me chuck .. doh!) and made Stu watch Moulin Rouge! which he enjoyed.

    Saturday we wandered into town to where Stu's rellies were staying, and had morning tea there. Very nice place they had..


    Then wandered out to Gungahlin to the park so the kids could play and Scotty could do bogan impersonations


    Biggest (heaviest) kid - so heavy kept hitting the ground on the way down

    Saturday night had leftover mushroom soup (from Friday night) and watched Bring it On.

    On Sunday headed out to Yass for a roast dinner with various members of the extended family.

    Princess Lily

    Kids and Scotty

    A rare nice one of the kids

    They have chickies! Stu WANTS chickies!!!!


    Sunday night had leftover crackers and watched some Star Trek.

    Today I telecommuted, and it was good. Made pizzas for dinner, and they were very good.

    They're leaving

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    Two of my best friends are moving to the other side of the universe (ok, the other side of Sydney). /me somewhat sad

    Photo day

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    Uploaded 55 photos for April and slotted them into the appropriate entries. If you're interested, check out the April archive.

    Here's one of my angel egging

    And fog over Botany Bay

    Dog's Mead

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    When my brother was in OC class, he got a puzzle called "Dog's Mead". I began work on it, but didn't actually solve it til years later, with the help of an excel spreadsheet at one point, and various simultaneous equations.

    Found it in my pile of things to scan and toss.. but I think I'll hold onto this one for now, including the solution :)

    Back to reality

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    Back to work today. Didn't really want to be there. Managed to achieve crap-all today. That is, achieved stuff but it was pretty much all crap - like creating purchase orders and teaching other people how to do them.

    Really need to do some brain-dumping of the crap in my head, except most of what I do is likely to be redundant in a year, and noone will ever read it anyhow. Still, I suppose the process is good practise, and will be nice to have a record of everything.

    Trying to be more organised at home. Working on lists and trying to work through them. Still sooooooo much to do. Flylady would say 15 minutes at a time. Just need to have lists of things that I can actually *do* in 15 minutes, as opposed to projects I feel like I need to dedicate hours at a time to ....

    In other news

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  • Managed to bend back my little fingernail so dramatically that it snapped half way across - but about 2mm behind the skin line, if you can imagine the torture of that. Have had it bandaged up all week to stop it snapping off completely and taking half my finger with it
  • Put some pretty decent scratches right in the middle of the screen of my blackberry on the trip between Port Macquarie and Brisbane. Pretty pissed off about that.
  • I weigh exactly what I did before I went away, despite a week of indulgences. I so don't get that.
  • Spent three nights with Diana, who is my 7th cousin twice removed (actually it'd be 5th I think). As it turns out, she is also descended from First Fleeters Rope and Pulley, but from a different child of theirs. As with Chinese Whispers, some of the details such as birth/death dates have evolved down different lines, making any history you read just that little bit doubtful as to its accuracy.
  • Stu and I went to the Art Gallery today to see the Osamu Tezuka exhibit. It was quite interesting, and cool to see the detail in the original works. I'd like to see the 60s version of Astroboy (being a big fan of the 80s version) one day..

    Photos once home

    7-light traffic light. It was in shade, so shutter time was increased, and managed to snap both amber and red lights lit

    Stu outside the Art Gallery

    Stu sprawled out on the grass in the Domain

  • Had another slow start. Was gonna visit my cousin but decided it was all too hard. So just said goodbye to various people, then meandered home. Came down Thunderbolts Way for something different to do. It was a reasonably nice way to go, quite scenic, but the road quality isn't that great, and you wouldn't want to get stuck behind someone slow. We had lunch at Gloucester, and stopped at various Stu churches and residences in the Hunter Valley. Had KFC in East Maitland for dinner and got home around 8:30. Funnily enough it feels a lot later.

    According to the trip meter, we did 2400 km in the car, Stu will add another 600km for his parts to Canberra. Craziness!

    Photos Day 9

    Purple monkey dishwasher

    Cowsies on the road

    Did I mention that the New England is pretty this time of year?

    Bird on a wire at Nowendoc

    Skink on Carson Memorial Lookout

    Barrington Tops from Carson Memorial Lookout


    Church at Martin's Creek

    Turnstiles at the church in Vacy

    Stu seeing if he can get into the church at Paterson

    Crossing the Hunter River into Morpeth

    At the college in Morpeth



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    After a slow morning catching up on the internet, we went over and picked up Arian et al, got some picnic supplies, and headed out to Gostwyck. Took a few goes to find the place after trusting Stu's sense of direction and doing a few "scenic" detours heh. But it's an awfully cute little church, hopefully the pics turned out ok. Getting back took about 1/3 the time it did to get there :)

    Came back here for a bit of a sleep, then I piked on going back to Arian's for dinner, and instead had dinner with Diana. Her Star Trek buddy Lou came over and we ate milo-topped ice cream and apricot danish, and watched a couple of eps of Next Gen and STVI.

    Photos Day 8

    Sheepsies on the road near Gostwyck

    Shearing shed(?) near Gostwyck

    Red-leaved Boston Ivy on the church in Gostwyck



    Stu in front of the church in Gostwyck

    Boston Ivy


    Stu being a ghost

    Distance shot of the church

    Lonely tree

    Can I go home now?

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    TTotM hit. Went to Arian's. Went to une so Arian could drop a course. Came back here for a rest. Went back to Arian's. Was accused of crimes against morality for not appreciating Bujold. Had chinese for dinner. Watched Labyrinth. Desperately wished we'd stayed in Qld longer.

    Photos Day 7

    The Meating Place in Armidale

    S's very cool drawing of Ludo


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    So after blogging last night we got pizzas and watched The Holiday. It was ok, but not brilliant. David and I drank our way through another bottle of Jim Beam during the movie and after when we all played Scene It? They have the full version which has a rather silly game play board, and apparently no party mode like the Pizza Hut version did. So in the end we just kept choosing the all play mode and just yelled out answers. Much more fun. Afterwards convinced Chay to sing with us for a while, but wore her out eventually, and David and I stayed up singing til 3am (oops!), when, on a rare occasion I actually beat him, declared it bed time. Of course I woke up at 7am and couldn't get back to sleep. Doh!

    So after exctricating all our belongings from around the house, we said our goodbyes and left for Armidale. It was sad to be leaving, would have been nice to spend some more time there.


    Anyways, the drive down here was fairly relaxing. We took our time, stopping at Warwick for coffee and Tenterfield for lunch (rather late lunch) and a couple of other rest stops.

    Arrived here just before dinner so caught up with Diana for a bit, then went and got some veggies for dinner (after a week of cheese kranskys and pizza I had vegetation cravings :) ). Watched an episode of Star Trek and House and now it's well and truly bed time :)

    Photos Day 6

    C-17 Globemaster III flying around (Stu took the pic, I was driving)

    The New England is very pretty at this time of year

    Brisvegas part II

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    Very pleasant day today.

    Chay dumped dropped the kids off at her mum's and we went over to Ascot provisions for brunch. Six cheese kranskys, eight eggs and assorted other breakfast fare was much enjoyed by all.

    Then we wandered into the valley to buy coffee at Merlot's, and go look at the fishies. Of course the car smelled of coffee for the rest of the day. hrmm.

    Next we had another go at dropping by AFK. This time Willett was there so we got to have a wander around. The place looks really cool, Stu is tempted to fly back up for the opening :)

    After that we dropped in to visit Javaira and Suburban Hen, and the six of us had a lovely impromptu bloggers meetup (aside from the fact that David doesn't blog, but we won't mention that :) ). Next time Stu and I are up Chay wants to invite them all out here for dinner. Should be chaotic but fun lol :)

    Stopped at Maccas for "lunch" aka afternoon tea (for those of us that were still full from breakfast heh).

    Finally back here. Chay got some cool tshirts, wanted me to mention them :) She got them from Kid Pirate. I think my favourite is this one. Or this one.

    Blogging now because they're planning on getting me drunk again tonight .. and I suspect I won't really be up to blogging later hehe.

    Photos Day 5

    Stu fondling the coffee machines

    Cafe AFK with newly arrived computers


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    Gosh.. two days .. seems like a lot more!

    We began yesterday in Port Macquarie, visiting Stu's mum who would have turned sixty that day. That was quite sad.

    Then we wandered up the coast, stopping at Coffs Harbour for coffee, Ballina for KFC for lunch, and arriving in Brisbane just in time for dinner of sushi.

    After dinner and several beers, we put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Chay and David and I all sang along to it while Stu suffered through it heh. David and I drank our way through an entire bottle of Jim Beam during the movie and Sing Star after, and we stayed up til about 1:30 singing like crazy while the others lost interest and went to bed.

    Oh, Chay wants me to say that my boobs were in her face last night. In my defence I was giving her a back scratch but awkwardly from the front as she was on the lounge. heh.

    This morning I woke up just after 6 and couldn't get back to sleep (doh!). Got up late though and had a relaxing morning. Then all six of us went for a little bike ride around the neighbourhood. That was pretty cool. I'd not ridden a bike in probably ~12 years, so that was a bit odd. And my ischiums (?) hurt. A lot.

    We all then wandered out for a late lunch of nacho and wedgie things with various flavours of milkshake. Then back here again, where the boys played network shoot-em-ups and I crashed.

    We were going to go visit AFK but we were a bit late, as we were meant to be meeting Shazzy and Tash for dinner. But Stu didn't have their mobiles, and they weren't actually home, so don't know what happened to them. Doh again. So Stu and I had dinner by ourselves at Vroom on James St. Their Turkish bread was nice, but my chicken caesar salad had one piece of bacon and one piece of parmesan cheese, so that was disappointing.

    Before dinner while waiting to see if Shazzy & Tash might come home, we did a bit of a drive around, driving past Stu's old house and other such haunts, and after dinner we dropped by AFK to sneak a peek inside. Of course, being dark, we couldn't see much, and hope to get back tomorrow. We're disappointed we won't be around for the opening, it'd have been cool to see the place in operation.

    Anyways, back here to blog, and about to go crash.

    Photos Day 3

    Lotza Rocks!!

    These power stanchions were sunlit and looked cool against the dark clouds

    Sunlight through the clouds

    Photos Day 4

    Tilt train

    Where will I Frag you? Cafe AFK

    Port Macquarie

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    Had a relaxing sleep-in/wake up, then headed into town to Cafe 66 for brekkie. I had a ham and cheese croissant and Stu had Tuscan Toast. The food was yummy but the service was pretty crap.

    After breakfast did a bit of a town wander, seeing places where Stu lived/went to school and other such Stu places.

    Came back to the motel and had leftovers from yesterday's lunch and dinner and also a bit of a rest.

    Then wandered down to Miner's beach. It was cloudy/rainy and threatened to be miserable, but there were tonnes of terns and their babies, a baby gannet, and when we went for a swim the water was actually really warm - warmer in than out! Left when it started pouring with rain heh.

    So then we came back and freshened up before getting fish and chips and beer for dinner and watching some telly.

    Day 2 Pictures

    I giggled at this sign on a Hog's Breath cafe in Port Macquarie.

    A sailing boat in Port Macquarie

    Garfish chasing a school of little fish

    Anglican church building

    Stu looking into his old high school

    This sign cracked me up

    Behind the old cemetary there are some nice walkways through a reserve

    Dracula's grave?

    Birds of paradise, looking remarkably like birds

    Triplexes, with ridiculous looking roofs

    Stu chasing a brush turkey

    Kookaburra sits in a Norfolk Island Pine .. ok so the song doesn't quite go

    Some beach in Port Macquarie :)

    Us at aforementioned beach

    Miner's Beach

    This used to be a Pizza Hut - obviously!

    Notes to self

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  • Never drive on Good Friday. Did it in 1989 going up the mountains and should have learnt my lesson then
  • Never drive the 5km between <3> and the F3. Find some other route.

    So traffic was fine until we hit the Pacific Highway, then it took nearly an hour and a half to get to the Hawkesbury River. Then it was fine again.

    We stopped in Newcastle to visit Stu's Grandma and Aunty Estelle. Then stopped at KFC for a late lunch.

    Then it was back to back to heavy traffic after Karuah. But unlike the ridiculousness of the highway in Sydney where it continually switches between two and three lanes, providing lots of opportunities for low-life pushins to ruin traffic flows for everyone else, they'd closed the overtaking lanes completely. So it was slow, but not at all frustrating because noone was pushing in and slowing everyone else down. Was thinking of writing to the RTA to thank them heh.

    So we're in Port now, had Chinese takeaway for dinner, and watched 10 Things I Hate About You.

    Day 1 Pictures

    Bridge over the Hawkesbury River

    The Elders Real Estate Agent computer in Port Macquarie was having some problems. We giggled.

  • Multies!

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    Neolamprologus multifasciatus

    Neolamprologus multifasciatus

    Neolamprologus multifasciatus

    My Humps

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    This is entirely too cool :)

    Return of the 707

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    Saw this way-cool documentary today called "Return of the 707", where they had found Qantas' first 707 in Southend in England, had a team of volunteers restore it to flying condition, and then flew it out to Australia. I'm kicking myself that I didn't tape it, would be cool to watch it again. Sadly, after all of that effort, they're just going to stick it in a museum :(

    Some more cool info on it here.

    Poker nonsense

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    Went to another CIA poker night tonight.

    All well and good except the whole buy-back-in thing really annoys me. You never quite know where you stand, and it encourages reckless/aggressive bidding. By the third buy-in I'd lost interest in playing. Went all in on a pair of aces and beaten by three fives. But whatever, I didn't care by that point and just wanted to go home.

    Don't know that I'll be going to any more. It's really just a waste of money considering how crap a player I am.

    At least I had a very quick run home.

    *FINALLY* finished reading "Cordelia's Honor" by Lois McMaster Bujold today. What a painful two years that was. Yes, it took me nearly two years to slog my way through it. I'm not sure what it was, but the story just didn't grab me at all. I couldn't for the life of me see what she saw in him. I had no idea most of the way through it who was who - not helped by breaks of several months here and there. Arian's favourite author. One of Stu's as well. I, however, don't think I will be subjecting myself to anymore of her works.

    Now I can start on other books in my "to be read list". Finally.

    Week 217

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    1. Trembling :: lip
    2. Shut up :: silence
    3. Heights :: dizzying
    4. Monica :: lewinski
    5. Delicious :: yummy
    6. Joint :: cartiledge
    7. Ferry :: sydney
    8. Bliss :: joy
    9. Rejection :: heartbreak
    10. Satisfying :: meal

    Google Whore

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    I've become a Google Whore. I now have Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader open constantly, regularly use Google Earth and Google Maps, sometimes use Google Groups, and play with Google Sketchup.

    Gmail and/or Google Calendar have massive memory leaks though. After leaving them open for any length of time, memory usage for the browser climbs and climbs until my puta grinds to a halt. It seems to be a problem in both IE and Firefox. I suppose the alternative is to reload the browser every so often, but that's a pain in the butt at the best of times. Hopefully someone will fix it.

    I've also been using the Google news reader for a week or two. It worked really well last weekend, and was able to keep up with my news feeds from Stu's place. (SH - you *can* UNmark an item as read - just untick the "Mark as read" box.. seems to work ok for me anyway). The biggest problem with it is with people that don't have full feeds, or have badly formatted full feeds (Delmer this means you). To read the entry you have to click on the link to read the article at its source. Which opens up a new browser window which is messy. I prefer how FeedReader does it by opening the article within the frame.

    Does anyone know why some Blogspot feeds have the full feed and others just have the beginning/abstract?

    At the moment I'm thinking I might try and use the Google Reader for most stuff, and keep using Feedreader for people with messy feeds...

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