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Went to another CIA poker night tonight.

All well and good except the whole buy-back-in thing really annoys me. You never quite know where you stand, and it encourages reckless/aggressive bidding. By the third buy-in I'd lost interest in playing. Went all in on a pair of aces and beaten by three fives. But whatever, I didn't care by that point and just wanted to go home.

Don't know that I'll be going to any more. It's really just a waste of money considering how crap a player I am.

At least I had a very quick run home.


Fleeced said:

It's hard to get the balance right.. I like having rebuys, but it does cause a rush sometimes, as people try to get rif of their chips so they can buy more. One idea is to allow "top-ups" at the rebuy cut-off time but then you still have the "inflation" problem.

Normally I write off losses as the cost of a night out with friends, but it sounds like you didn't have much fun playing :(

I lost that big chip stack I had and ended up coming 2nd.

April 4, 2007 7:29 AM


kazza said:

Normally I do have fun just playing, and see the money as the cost of a bit of a fun night out. I dunno, I think I was just getting a bit disheartened by the rebuys and losing any *chance* of placing.

April 4, 2007 7:37 AM


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