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Thought these Russian cakes were pretty cool..

(There's a link to some Kursk photos there too)

One thing Canberra does very *very* badly, is provide basic services - like PETROL! The nearest petrol station to Stu's is 4km away (actually there might be another one a bit closer, bit it's in the complete opposite direction to anything useful). That petrol station also happens to be the only one between his house and the NSW border 15km away. So when that only petrol station is closed for renovations, and you really want to get petrol before you get going, then the only choice is to drive half way into the city to get it. How utterly bumheadful is that??

Not to mention that the queues in that solitary petrol station on a Friday night are often back out onto the street.

There's rumours of another one being built nearby, and it can't come soon enough IMO.

Friday .. what did we do Friday..? Not much.. Stu cooked some turkey chops which were yummy, and we drank beer and watched some Star Trek.

Saturday was cleaning day. Think I spent half the day washing up. And vacuuming. And cleaning the bathroom. And Stu cooked up a storm.

We started with jarlsberg and extra tasty cheese, and cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce.


For mains there were lamb shanks slow cooked for ~7 hours with carrot, garlic, onion, tinned tomatoes and red wine. There was also a parsnip mash with parsnip, yoghurt, butter and wholegrain mustard. And also steamed beans, with a sesame seed paste, garlic and lemon juice, which was, er, interesting :)


Dessert was an apple and rhubarb pie.


The table looked quite cool.


Then Melita came over and food and conversation was enjoyed by all.

Today was round two of washing up, then we wandered over to a meeting of the Canberra Killifish Study Group, where geeky fish-type people gathered to talk about killifish and look at slides. The dude's tank setup in his garage was pretty cool.





Then to Scotty's for dinner, and finally back here to collapse.


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It finally got cold enough tonight to warrant putting a jumper on. First time in Sydney this year I think. Silly to be a mere week away from winter and only need it for the first time now.

Oh, and the parents are thinking about going overseas next year. Which I'm somewhat annoyed about, because if they go off to Europe without me I'll be *completely* jealous. If they went the year after I'd have a much better chance of being able to go with them. *sigh*

I had to laugh. In fact I did, out loud. Until I realised that it'd probably be me that would need to fix it. Then I just sighed.

So *someone* reset all the permissions on the web drive of cia's w2k server (not mentioning any names ;) ). They were trying to remove the everyone full control, and must have hit apply to the entire drive. Several hundred users later..... like... WHOOPS.. hehe

So, since the old server was still online (they only upgraded it on the weekend), I figured it must be possible to do a dump of the permissions on the old machine, and apply them to the files on the new machine. So I came home and googled it. Turns out you can do it, in one line of code for each server.

To dump everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /noverbose /nostatistic /outputlog=output.log /subdirectories "w:\*.*" /display

To import everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /nostatistic /playfile "output.log"

Easy, right? Well not quite. The problem is, with so many files, the output log came to 665mb. And a bazillion entries of the old server name that needed to be changed to the new server name. Wordpad doesn't do this very easily! :) So on that note I'm leaving the file with James, who has grunty boxes to play with, to see if he can do the search and replace.

If not, Da-- oops, not mentioning any names ;) will have to dump the directory list and batch them to do them one at a time :)


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�I believe teenagers are God�s revenge on mankind. It�s as if God himself looked down and said, �Hey let�s see how much they like it to create someone in their own image who denies their existance.� �
- Jeff Allen

I giggled (was watching Denton's "God on My Side" tonight)

Well, sort of anyway. Got a burst of enthusiasm to digitise some of my old audio tapes. Which lasted about four tapes, until I had a faulty tape that wouldn't play properly, and then it became a bit too hard. Then raided my wardrobe, and pulled out maybe 1/4-1/3 of the stuff there to either throw out or donate to charity. Then got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of crap I have that I can't bear to just throw out, and trying to figure out how to get rid of it all.

Finished off the weekend with Dead Man's Chest, which is also a lot of fun even as a repeated viewing. Will make a valiant effort to watch through some of the special features so can get the dvd back to Kirk soon.

And I even remembered to patch some servers!


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I'm so glad Dave ranted and raved about how good Veronica Mars was all those years ago. Otherwise I might have missed out on it when it started airing here. After his comment about rewatching it, I did just that, and watched season 1 all the way through again. It certainly stands up to repeated viewings. Think will be getting it on dvd if they ever release it here.


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Watching Curse of the Black Pearl on telly again tonight. Lot of fun that movie. Will watch Dead Man's Chest again this week too (sorry Kirk I've been a slacker :( ). All in time for At World's End.. wanna go see it Kirk? :)

The old dude who used to live across from me (whom I dubbed "singlet dude") apparently has moved out (or died??). Seems I have new neighbours.

Fog is cool. Trying to take photos of said fog while driving in peak hour traffic is difficult. While I didn't get anything nearly as nice as CC, I did get this okish one of the tower looming through the fog...


200 Calories

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Ever wonder what 200 calories looks like?

Check it out :)


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So Sunday Daniel and Fi come over with a boy angel, with the hopes that he'll make babies with my girl angel.

He seemed happy enough to start following her around for a while, but then it got down and dirty as the girl reminded him that this was *her* tank!

He's still not eating which is worrying me. Even tempting them with blood worms didn't work (and the girl seems to have forgotten how much she likes them - she ignored them :( ) .. silly fish ..

Angels face off

Achieving crap

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Last night I was stressing over how much *crap* I had to do.

Tonight I feel a lot better at having actually achieved something with my evening. Although I did forget to do some server work.. bit too late now tho...


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Wandered into town and met up with Damien. Went for brunch at the cafe above the Tin Soldier. It was quite good. Then went downstairs so the boys could spend money on toys :) Spent quite a while there, then after that wandered over to HobbyCo. Found out they're moving soon - useful information! Was very tempted by a 1/350 scale Yamato for $89. And some A380 models. In the end just bought a small cheapie die cast model A380. Then just came home and relaxed while I popped on a lamb roast. Watched Sideways after dinner, but got extremelly annoyed because the movie ran a lot longer than the guide said it would, and missed a whole chunk of the ending :(


Slow start to the day. Managed to avoid having to do any mother's day type things. Was gonna call but somehow never got round to it.. oops .. Went to Flemington Paddy's just for fun. Most of what's there is crap, but did spend $5 on some nice spices. Then Stu went home and I caught up on videos and scanned more of my crap...


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Hey Speedie, you wanna go for some lunch?


Some dinner?


How 'bout Pizza Hut's new Mexican pizza, with beef, red kidney beans, onion, tomato, capsicum and chili sauce, topped with sour cream, olives and crisp corn chips?

I was cutting up potatoes for our roast tonight. I didn't bother washing my hands afterwards. They've been smelling deliciously of potato ever since :)

Double contrails over Goulburn

Sunset over the Southern Highlands

Baby julies at Stu's

Potential wedding reception venue

With mood lighting

Piggie goodness

A happy Lily

Fog on the Federal Highway - take 2

Hanging Rock Road - with hanging rock!

Saw this on the back of a bus the other day. It cracked me up.

An impossibly lit southern wall of the Sydney Town Hall

More conventionally lit Sydney Town Hall

Poker yayy

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Came second in a six-handed poker tonight yayyyy :)
Finally got out with triple queens that lost to Guy's straight. Nice to actually come out ahead for the evening instead of behind :):):)

And not only that, my boy is here!!! :)


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Nothing to report. Bored out of my brain at work at the moment. Nothing new doing, except for one project that is waiting on other people (there is no "us and them", there is no "us and them"...).

Leaving only boring stuff, or things that I can really only do after hours on servers. And was patch Tuesday this week, and I'm sure I haven't finished patching servers from *last* month yet.


JohnNXT 5

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Should try and visit some of these places...


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I have too much to do, too much life to live, to spend so much of my life at work. At least when I'm not *doing* anything.



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Um. So which way is up??

Had a nice weekend with the boy.

Saturday went out for big brekky and general wandering. Housey stuff in the afternoon, then Annie called us up to invite us to one of her friend's surprise birthday parties. There was promise of pig on a spit, how could we say no? heh. We actually turned up at the same time as the guest of honour which meant some quick-talking from the person meeting us. I think she was suitably surprised though. Dinner was good, and Annie says she could cater our wedding if we wanted to have it there (the church hall in Yass). I did miss out on watching Spiderman 2 on telly though, which we'd been planning to watch, as we've not seen it. Will have to rent it or something.

Sunday (after Stu not sleeping at all and hence me not having a good night either) we got up early to head back out to Yass for Noah and Lily's baptism. Followed by a big family lunch which was rather pleasant (and lots of wine to be had hrmm). Then a very early night, and a much better nights sleep all round.

Tonight I came home from work early to sort out the 35 sets of lego that sold on ebay over the weekend (!) And was at it literally all night. *sigh* The profit I probably made from all the lego is probably worth it.. but damn it's such a lot of work :(


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I consider myself lucky. That even though I'm 300km from my boy, I can still see him essentially whenever I want.

On that note, I have to celebrate with Di on getting a visa to be with her boy, on the other side of the planet! where being with him depended on the government of another country.

Do Not Call

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Finally, a Do Not Call register for Australia.

Three generations of BlackBerry. Three different telcos. Too many BlackBerries have been across my desk in the last couple of days.

Three BlackBerries

It's open!!

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Dave's Artificial Duck Shop is now online! Just now in fact!

Now if I didn't have to wait on two other people, I could have gone and bought something...

Go Fifi

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Go Fifi!

Update: Kate Ceberano won, oh well hehe :)

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