Dinners and Killies

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Friday .. what did we do Friday..? Not much.. Stu cooked some turkey chops which were yummy, and we drank beer and watched some Star Trek.

Saturday was cleaning day. Think I spent half the day washing up. And vacuuming. And cleaning the bathroom. And Stu cooked up a storm.

We started with jarlsberg and extra tasty cheese, and cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce.


For mains there were lamb shanks slow cooked for ~7 hours with carrot, garlic, onion, tinned tomatoes and red wine. There was also a parsnip mash with parsnip, yoghurt, butter and wholegrain mustard. And also steamed beans, with a sesame seed paste, garlic and lemon juice, which was, er, interesting :)


Dessert was an apple and rhubarb pie.


The table looked quite cool.


Then Melita came over and food and conversation was enjoyed by all.

Today was round two of washing up, then we wandered over to a meeting of the Canberra Killifish Study Group, where geeky fish-type people gathered to talk about killifish and look at slides. The dude's tank setup in his garage was pretty cool.





Then to Scotty's for dinner, and finally back here to collapse.

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