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Um. So which way is up??

Had a nice weekend with the boy.

Saturday went out for big brekky and general wandering. Housey stuff in the afternoon, then Annie called us up to invite us to one of her friend's surprise birthday parties. There was promise of pig on a spit, how could we say no? heh. We actually turned up at the same time as the guest of honour which meant some quick-talking from the person meeting us. I think she was suitably surprised though. Dinner was good, and Annie says she could cater our wedding if we wanted to have it there (the church hall in Yass). I did miss out on watching Spiderman 2 on telly though, which we'd been planning to watch, as we've not seen it. Will have to rent it or something.

Sunday (after Stu not sleeping at all and hence me not having a good night either) we got up early to head back out to Yass for Noah and Lily's baptism. Followed by a big family lunch which was rather pleasant (and lots of wine to be had hrmm). Then a very early night, and a much better nights sleep all round.

Tonight I came home from work early to sort out the 35 sets of lego that sold on ebay over the weekend (!) And was at it literally all night. *sigh* The profit I probably made from all the lego is probably worth it.. but damn it's such a lot of work :(


Javaira said:

I have some great memories of that hall in yass.

It has a great feel especially by candle light. We had spit roast at our reception, it was incredibly casual but really nice.

May 10, 2007 9:35 PM


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