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Wandered into town and met up with Damien. Went for brunch at the cafe above the Tin Soldier. It was quite good. Then went downstairs so the boys could spend money on toys :) Spent quite a while there, then after that wandered over to HobbyCo. Found out they're moving soon - useful information! Was very tempted by a 1/350 scale Yamato for $89. And some A380 models. In the end just bought a small cheapie die cast model A380. Then just came home and relaxed while I popped on a lamb roast. Watched Sideways after dinner, but got extremelly annoyed because the movie ran a lot longer than the guide said it would, and missed a whole chunk of the ending :(


Slow start to the day. Managed to avoid having to do any mother's day type things. Was gonna call but somehow never got round to it.. oops .. Went to Flemington Paddy's just for fun. Most of what's there is crap, but did spend $5 on some nice spices. Then Stu went home and I caught up on videos and scanned more of my crap...

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