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  • Managed to bend back my little fingernail so dramatically that it snapped half way across - but about 2mm behind the skin line, if you can imagine the torture of that. Have had it bandaged up all week to stop it snapping off completely and taking half my finger with it
  • Put some pretty decent scratches right in the middle of the screen of my blackberry on the trip between Port Macquarie and Brisbane. Pretty pissed off about that.
  • I weigh exactly what I did before I went away, despite a week of indulgences. I so don't get that.
  • Spent three nights with Diana, who is my 7th cousin twice removed (actually it'd be 5th I think). As it turns out, she is also descended from First Fleeters Rope and Pulley, but from a different child of theirs. As with Chinese Whispers, some of the details such as birth/death dates have evolved down different lines, making any history you read just that little bit doubtful as to its accuracy.
  • Stu and I went to the Art Gallery today to see the Osamu Tezuka exhibit. It was quite interesting, and cool to see the detail in the original works. I'd like to see the 60s version of Astroboy (being a big fan of the 80s version) one day..

    Photos once home

    7-light traffic light. It was in shade, so shutter time was increased, and managed to snap both amber and red lights lit

    Stu outside the Art Gallery

    Stu sprawled out on the grass in the Domain

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