Back to reality

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Back to work today. Didn't really want to be there. Managed to achieve crap-all today. That is, achieved stuff but it was pretty much all crap - like creating purchase orders and teaching other people how to do them.

Really need to do some brain-dumping of the crap in my head, except most of what I do is likely to be redundant in a year, and noone will ever read it anyhow. Still, I suppose the process is good practise, and will be nice to have a record of everything.

Trying to be more organised at home. Working on lists and trying to work through them. Still sooooooo much to do. Flylady would say 15 minutes at a time. Just need to have lists of things that I can actually *do* in 15 minutes, as opposed to projects I feel like I need to dedicate hours at a time to ....

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