Brisvegas part II

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Very pleasant day today.

Chay dumped dropped the kids off at her mum's and we went over to Ascot provisions for brunch. Six cheese kranskys, eight eggs and assorted other breakfast fare was much enjoyed by all.

Then we wandered into the valley to buy coffee at Merlot's, and go look at the fishies. Of course the car smelled of coffee for the rest of the day. hrmm.

Next we had another go at dropping by AFK. This time Willett was there so we got to have a wander around. The place looks really cool, Stu is tempted to fly back up for the opening :)

After that we dropped in to visit Javaira and Suburban Hen, and the six of us had a lovely impromptu bloggers meetup (aside from the fact that David doesn't blog, but we won't mention that :) ). Next time Stu and I are up Chay wants to invite them all out here for dinner. Should be chaotic but fun lol :)

Stopped at Maccas for "lunch" aka afternoon tea (for those of us that were still full from breakfast heh).

Finally back here. Chay got some cool tshirts, wanted me to mention them :) She got them from Kid Pirate. I think my favourite is this one. Or this one.

Blogging now because they're planning on getting me drunk again tonight .. and I suspect I won't really be up to blogging later hehe.

Photos Day 5

Stu fondling the coffee machines

Cafe AFK with newly arrived computers

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