Saturday Sillies

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Was all set for a day of catching up around the house, this being my first Saturday at home this month and all. Then J&G call me up to say F1, so I went over there for a few hours to help clean up the place.

Then this dude turned up to check the smoke detectors and fire doors. And discovered that my smoke detector had been wired into mains - on the central light wiring. Which means the smoke detector only gets mains power when the lights are on (?!?) Bumheads. Meant my battery was flat yay. So he put a new battery in it, but because of the situation, this battery is now beeping the smoke detector, even with the lights on! *sigh*

So then decided to tackle the Lego situation to get some of it sold. Far out ebay is a lot of work. Been at it all night and only about 10 things listed. Also listed a couple of things on Bricklink, which is a helluvalot easier. Be interesting to see if those things sell.

And just for fun, the mail server has crashed twice today. *yay*


trainman said:

Um... ?

Usually, there is a 240V supply at the light which then goes to the switch and back. Did they connect it to the switch wire? If so, it probably got all upset, because you lights are dimmable, and 240V equipment doesn't like running at 60V.

April 28, 2007 11:36 PM


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