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Gosh.. two days .. seems like a lot more!

We began yesterday in Port Macquarie, visiting Stu's mum who would have turned sixty that day. That was quite sad.

Then we wandered up the coast, stopping at Coffs Harbour for coffee, Ballina for KFC for lunch, and arriving in Brisbane just in time for dinner of sushi.

After dinner and several beers, we put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Chay and David and I all sang along to it while Stu suffered through it heh. David and I drank our way through an entire bottle of Jim Beam during the movie and Sing Star after, and we stayed up til about 1:30 singing like crazy while the others lost interest and went to bed.

Oh, Chay wants me to say that my boobs were in her face last night. In my defence I was giving her a back scratch but awkwardly from the front as she was on the lounge. heh.

This morning I woke up just after 6 and couldn't get back to sleep (doh!). Got up late though and had a relaxing morning. Then all six of us went for a little bike ride around the neighbourhood. That was pretty cool. I'd not ridden a bike in probably ~12 years, so that was a bit odd. And my ischiums (?) hurt. A lot.

We all then wandered out for a late lunch of nacho and wedgie things with various flavours of milkshake. Then back here again, where the boys played network shoot-em-ups and I crashed.

We were going to go visit AFK but we were a bit late, as we were meant to be meeting Shazzy and Tash for dinner. But Stu didn't have their mobiles, and they weren't actually home, so don't know what happened to them. Doh again. So Stu and I had dinner by ourselves at Vroom on James St. Their Turkish bread was nice, but my chicken caesar salad had one piece of bacon and one piece of parmesan cheese, so that was disappointing.

Before dinner while waiting to see if Shazzy & Tash might come home, we did a bit of a drive around, driving past Stu's old house and other such haunts, and after dinner we dropped by AFK to sneak a peek inside. Of course, being dark, we couldn't see much, and hope to get back tomorrow. We're disappointed we won't be around for the opening, it'd have been cool to see the place in operation.

Anyways, back here to blog, and about to go crash.

Photos Day 3

Lotza Rocks!!

These power stanchions were sunlit and looked cool against the dark clouds

Sunlight through the clouds

Photos Day 4

Tilt train

Where will I Frag you? Cafe AFK

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