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An ongoing project of mine is scanning photos.  At the moment I'm scanning Mum's photos of our trip to Western Australia in 1984.  This morning I scanned this photo of the Leaning Tower of Albany - a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in a guy's back yard.

Leaning Tower of Albany

At the time, the tower was two years old - it apparently having been built in 1982.

This is what the tower and the dude who built it looked like in 2006.

And this is what the tower looked like in 2011.

And here's Google Street View of it in 2015.

So the dude who built it, Aldo Scamozzi, is apparently still alive, and still living in the same house.  The National Library even interviewed him once.

Fun times!


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Very quiet weekend.  I had a Getting Things Done kind of weekend (including housework, sorting holiday paperwork, photo and email sorting, and cooking), while the sweetie had a Hide From the World kind of weekend (including sleeping and uni work).

We also watched all four Indiana Jones movies on Friday and Saturday nights.

Did I mention the food?

That tin of water chestnuts has been sitting in our pantry for *years* and I wanted to use them in something.  And for me any excuse is a good excuse to have hoisin sauce.

Duck preparation

Fry duck breasts til golden, then a minute or so on the other side, then into the oven for eight to ten minutes.

Duck cooking

While that's happening, heat up some snow peas and the water chestnuts.  Serve with rice.  Yum!  Delicious!

Duck breast with hoisin sauce

Today I started cooking dinner this morning.

Lamb shanks

For today's version I'm using four lamb shanks (not huge ones), two slices of bacon (we're trying to cut down on our processed meat so less bacon than usual, a small bag of your favourite mushrooms, a couple of potatoes, a couple of small onions, garlic, a bay leaf, tomato paste, about half a carton of stock, worcestershire sauce, a third of a bottle of red wine, several large spoonfuls of cornflour to thicken the sauce, and a little pepper.  I think that's all.

Lamb shanks

Chuck the shanks, potato, tomato paste, corn flour, worcestershire sauce, stock and wine into the slow cooker.

Lamb shanks

Fry up the bacon, garlic, onion and mushroom

Lamb shanks

Add everything in

Lamb shanks

Get really impatient with the cooking process.  Pretend to be healthy by eating a large salad of rocket, tomato and feta for lunch.  Topped with kewpie mayonnaise.  Double mayo after the photo is taken.  Resist the urge to eat salami all afternoon because, *hunger* (I ate a bit of cheese and some almonds).

Pretending to be healthy

Hurry up!

Lamb shanks

By 6:30pm it's looking good.  In a messy bad sort of way.

Lamb shanks

Pull all the meat off the bones.  Turns out there's quite a bit on four lamb shanks.  Who knew?  

Lamb shanks

Mix it all back in.  Maybe we'll get more than four servings out of this if the meat is split up.  (We'll probably get six)

Lamb shanks

Serve.  Devour.  

Lamb shanks


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I was sad yesterday to hear of the death of James Horner.  After John Williams, he is up there with Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer among my favourite Hollywood composers.  Ok so Titanic might have had a lot to do with that - loved that soundtrack.  Knew that music well enough to be able to pick his music in other movies without even knowing it was him.

He was born exactly twenty years before me.  Rest in peace.


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I liked the way a shaft of light fell across my notebook in a training course a while back


Sitting in civic in the rain waiting for the sweetie to pick up a package from the post office.  The trees looked pretty through a wet windscreen

Rain squiggles

This was at the Labor Club.  They called this a "light" meal, but there was nothing light about it.  Fries, topped with cheese and bacon and baked.  Epic awesome but we couldn't finish it (I even had help).  I'd have been better off getting the chicken kiev..

Labor club light meal


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A huge moth that was doing a really terrible job of camouflaging itself on our brickwork

Big moth

Miss M and her little mop

Miss M and her mop

Some of Kit's duck eggs, possibly containing two, one and zero yolks

Duck eggs

Sleeping buddies

Sleeping buddies

This is the rooster that wakes David up when he comes to stay


My three black neon tetras, and some of the rummy nose tetras.  Those little black neon tetras are nine years old.  What a spinout!

Little fishies

George came by the other week and found a nice place in the sun to warm up






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I've had this plant since I was a teenager.  The original plant has probably been in the family for much longer.  When I was in uni I used to do a lot more gardening, and evicted this plant to a rock crevice next to my garden, since ribbon grass has a habit of taking over as much space as you give it.  I never thought it would survive, but survive it did for twenty odd years.  It's still there last I looked.  Before mum went and sold the house. hrmm.  Anyway, a few years back I took an offshoot of it.  They don't grow very well in Canberra (too cold for them) but they do well enough inside.  So I have several now, because it's very happy and keeps sending off new shoots.

Ribbon grass

Ribbon grass flowers only last a day

Ribbon grass flower

And this is a salad I got from the farmer's markets in Bungendore a while back.  The tomato I added, but it had fun things in it like nasturtiums and flowers.  It was a fun, tasty little salad.

Fun salad

Weekly Checkin

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So fairly busy week this week.

Monday night the little brother came to stay.

Tuesday they finished off the white chocolate caramel slice.  David also replaced the light in our study which had blown on the weekend so that was nice.

Wednesday we went to the movies to see Jurassic World.

Thursday the little brother couldn't help himself and replaced half the lights in the house with LEDs :)  I also made another white chocolate caramel slice.

Friday was a swim night.

Saturday was a club night which turned out to be a bit of a wedding reception.  The shed was done up nicely and we had a lovely evening.

Club wedding

Club wedding

Club wedding

Sunday was just food shopping and not much else.


Pork belly roast

And so there goes another week.  We did two jigsaws over the course of the week as well which was cool.

And now back to it again ...

Jurassic World

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Jurassic WorldLast night the little brother and I went along to see Jurassic World

I really enjoyed it.

Of course it's completely ridiculous, but that's what you expect from this style of Hollywood popcorn movie.

Actually really the only completely "yeah right" moment for me was twenty-two year old batteries and fuel that still worked.  Oh and the transition from bright daylight to night time instantly.

It was possibly a little slow to start but built up and built up.

And plenty of nods to the original 1993 movie.

And they used a lot of John Williams' music which was awesome.

Plenty of predictability, but really just a lot of fun.  If you don't mind seeing lots of people being eaten heh.

Surviving Along

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Only just barely survived the week at work.  Only two people to do the work of five will do that to you .. hrmmm

Friday night was drinks for Lachie's birthday which was fun.

Saturday the sweetie wasn't feeling so well so had a quiet day at home, and then Mishi's in the evening for nibbles and games.  We played Ticket to Ride (which I won but was soooo close to losing) and a couple of games of Pirate Fluxx that L won both of.

Ticket to Ride

Boundless merriment with friends getting together.
Please enjoy special delicious taste which brings you fantastic feeling.
Please enjoy special delicious taste which brings you fantastic feeling

Today we went out for breakfast and did some food shopping.  The sweetie cooked dinner of beans and ham hock, and I made dessert of white chocolate caramel slice - nommm!  We watched The Fifth Element, and then, needing more Bruce, we watched Surrogates, which was sort of like Avatar meets I, Robot.  

And there goes a week ..

Coasting Along

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Saturday morning we packed up and joined the rest of Canberra in heading down the coast for the long weekend.

Smiths Gap

I started a jigsaw and other people just chilled and read and programmed etc.



For dinner we went to the Little Restaurant and Bar again for more delicious food.  We couldn't get a seat inside because they were all booked out, but were able to book the outside bench.  But that's cool, cause you know we're Canberrans and all and we're used to the cold.

Little Restaurant and Bar duck

Possum at the coast


Then spa til about 1am.

Sunday we'd been intending to go to the beach, but the sun never came out, so we didn't bother.  Went for two separate walks to the shops (one to hack portals and another get some stuff to make pikelets (C had a craving)).  In between I did jigsaw.

Breakfast eggs


Moth at the coast


Dinner was pizza's from Stevo's (the Sandy Foot cafe had run out of dough! *gasp*).  Oh my, Stevo's pizzas were insane!  Huge, and *heaps* of cheese.  Completely decadent and we mostly all stuffed ourselves silly.  I had one and a half pieces and that was *plenty*!  We ordered three large pizzas, but only ate two of them.  Had a full pizza's worth leftover.

Stevo's Pizza

Then spa til after midnight.

This morning was just eating and packing up and cleaning, then came home.

Battled Sunday night depression, and then lost it when I dropped one of my corningware dishes onto the kitchen floor and it *smashed* :(:(  But then watched a very moving docudrama on Hiroshima on Netflix.  Did my washing, now time for bed.

Truckin' Along

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The other week when I came home from Sydney, I joined the Hume Highway off Picton Road and merged in behind a truck.  So I sat and followed it.  I wasn't in any particular hurry so just sat behind it the whole way.  Well, until it pulled off to the heavy vehicle checking station at Marulan that is, then I was on my own and did a lot closer to the speed limit.  

Tonight I downloaded the GPS track from that trip, and at first I was puzzled at the change of speed I did along the Hume.  Until I remembered the truck.

Truckin' Along

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