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Very quiet weekend.  I had a Getting Things Done kind of weekend (including housework, sorting holiday paperwork, photo and email sorting, and cooking), while the sweetie had a Hide From the World kind of weekend (including sleeping and uni work).

We also watched all four Indiana Jones movies on Friday and Saturday nights.

Did I mention the food?

That tin of water chestnuts has been sitting in our pantry for *years* and I wanted to use them in something.  And for me any excuse is a good excuse to have hoisin sauce.

Duck preparation

Fry duck breasts til golden, then a minute or so on the other side, then into the oven for eight to ten minutes.

Duck cooking

While that's happening, heat up some snow peas and the water chestnuts.  Serve with rice.  Yum!  Delicious!

Duck breast with hoisin sauce

Today I started cooking dinner this morning.

Lamb shanks

For today's version I'm using four lamb shanks (not huge ones), two slices of bacon (we're trying to cut down on our processed meat so less bacon than usual, a small bag of your favourite mushrooms, a couple of potatoes, a couple of small onions, garlic, a bay leaf, tomato paste, about half a carton of stock, worcestershire sauce, a third of a bottle of red wine, several large spoonfuls of cornflour to thicken the sauce, and a little pepper.  I think that's all.

Lamb shanks

Chuck the shanks, potato, tomato paste, corn flour, worcestershire sauce, stock and wine into the slow cooker.

Lamb shanks

Fry up the bacon, garlic, onion and mushroom

Lamb shanks

Add everything in

Lamb shanks

Get really impatient with the cooking process.  Pretend to be healthy by eating a large salad of rocket, tomato and feta for lunch.  Topped with kewpie mayonnaise.  Double mayo after the photo is taken.  Resist the urge to eat salami all afternoon because, *hunger* (I ate a bit of cheese and some almonds).

Pretending to be healthy

Hurry up!

Lamb shanks

By 6:30pm it's looking good.  In a messy bad sort of way.

Lamb shanks

Pull all the meat off the bones.  Turns out there's quite a bit on four lamb shanks.  Who knew?  

Lamb shanks

Mix it all back in.  Maybe we'll get more than four servings out of this if the meat is split up.  (We'll probably get six)

Lamb shanks

Serve.  Devour.  

Lamb shanks


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