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I've had this plant since I was a teenager.  The original plant has probably been in the family for much longer.  When I was in uni I used to do a lot more gardening, and evicted this plant to a rock crevice next to my garden, since ribbon grass has a habit of taking over as much space as you give it.  I never thought it would survive, but survive it did for twenty odd years.  It's still there last I looked.  Before mum went and sold the house. hrmm.  Anyway, a few years back I took an offshoot of it.  They don't grow very well in Canberra (too cold for them) but they do well enough inside.  So I have several now, because it's very happy and keeps sending off new shoots.

Ribbon grass

Ribbon grass flowers only last a day

Ribbon grass flower

And this is a salad I got from the farmer's markets in Bungendore a while back.  The tomato I added, but it had fun things in it like nasturtiums and flowers.  It was a fun, tasty little salad.

Fun salad

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