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David brought this up on one of his visits earlier in the year.  A little tricky because all the pieces are the same shape.

Uluru jigsaw

I did this at work because it was only 750 pieces and fits in the space I work on them in.  Have done it before.

Undersea jigsaw

I think I may have gotten this at Vinnies.  A nice easy little one I did at work.

Portual jigsaw

David brought this one as well and we did it together.  I'll have to do it again myself one day before I can give it away ;)

New York jigsaw

Mum brought this at Christmas, done in a minute or so.

Parrot jigsaw

I got this out so we could do it one year to the day after I actually went to St Lucia :)

St Lucia jigsaw

Kit hired Michael Boyle Photography to do all the official photos.  He arrived half an hour before the ceremony and left after the party started, so was able to capture pretty much the whole day.  I got access to the online gallery, and I was very impressed with the photos.  Here's some of the highlights!

Getting ready

Kit getting ready

Kaz ready

All the girls

All the girls

Girls all ready


Kit ready

Kaz walking down the aisle

Kit about to drive in

Kit walking down the aisle

The ceremony

The ceremony

Exchanging of rings

The kiss

Kit and Pete

Group photo

Kit and Pete

The girls


Kit and Pete

Kit and Kaz

The wedding party


Kit and her ute

The pizzas

Travis and Kaz

Pete and Kit entering the reception

The bridal table

Pete and Kit

Pete and his nieces (Elena and Zoey I think)

Stu and Kaz

Pete and Kaz

The cakes

Mel and Stu

Kit and Pete

Chloe giving her speech

Cutting the cake

First dance


So after not really getting any sleep at all, I was a bit of a zombie on the Saturday morning.  I raided my food supplies and had some cheese and salami for breakfast.  Had a shower and wandered out to the shed to help setup.

The others surfaced, and we started getting ready.

Audrey steam-ironed the dresses.

Audrey steam ironing the dresses

The dresses all hanging up.  Guess which one is mine?

The dresses

The makeup and hair ladies came around 9-9:30.  I was first to get makeup done (this is sans-lipstick).

Makeup done

Chloe plied me with champagne (Henkell) while I was getting my hair done.

Kaz getting hair done

Ending up with a sort of "messy bun" style.

Kazza's hair

We even got little flowers glued in.

Kazza's hair

Kit got us all matching jewelry.

My jewellry

Chloe's mum did the flowers.


I had time to go and photograph some of the setup.  This was where the ceremony was held.  Such a pretty spot.

Ceremony stage

Hazel did an amazing job with the flowers.

Hazel and her flowers

The tables had books and bottles and greenery and it all looked very rustic.

Table setup

Kit's mum prepared a stack of fruit, and there were some party pies and sausage rolls which became lunch.

Kit getting her hair decorated.

Kit's hair

Kit all ready.

Kit in her dress

Kit in her dress

Then it was off to the ceremony.  Being in the ceremony I didn't get any of my own photos.  Not that I would have been allowed anyway, they said "no photos" which would have made me PISSED at any other wedding.  I can understand not wanting people to take photos during the ceremony, but where's the harm in letting people take a few photos during the entrance and setup? #grunt.  

This is me and the sweetie afterwards.

Kaz and the sweetie

And I did get a few of my own other photos after the bridal party photos were done.

Wedding venue

Including one or two of Kit and Pete.

Kit and Pete

And a couple of the venue


Lantern at the reception

Terara Park

There was pizza for dinner, and speeches and dancing, a pretty fun night.

Kit in her akubra

At the end of the night the wedding party stayed up a little longer just hanging out which was pretty nice.  Did make for a late night though.

Kit and Pete

Having a Ball

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This was back in October.  Whoops.  I did get some extra wear out of the fancy dress I bought for our last cruise.

Kaz and Stu ready for the ball

The venue was very pretty.

Work ball venue

Work ball venue

Work ball venue

Work ball venue

Work ball venue

Entrees were either "Sous vibe (their spelling) pork belly with carrot truffle puree, rocket salad and soya beans" or "Thai beef salad, mild marinated beef with vermicelli noodles, trio of capsicum, julienne carrots, fried shallots, bean sprouts and pine nuts".  I had the pork and it was delicious.

Work ball food

Work ball food

Mains were either "Braised lamb shank with soft polenta top and a mushroom ragout" or "Supreme chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta fennel mash, brocolini and capsicum jus".  I had the lamb shank which was also very nice, but all that meat meant I was *very* full all night.  

Work ball food

Work ball food

Dessert was either "Lemon meringue tart with zesty lemon curd topped with pillows of soft meringue" or "Brulee infused with bailes and served with chocolate dust, cream and strawberries".  I had the lemon meringue tart, but struggled with it, and would have enjoyed it a lot more I hadn't been so full from dinner..

Work ball food

Work ball food

Then there was lots of dancing.  A fun night as always.

Work ball venue

Just look at them.

I have my mother's mother (left) to thank for my stoopid knobbly knees.

And my father's mother (right) for my genaral body shape and ginormous boobies (ok so they're not *that* big.  Yet).

Mum's mum Dad's mum

Stoopid genetics

At the end of June I was so filled with rage at the hypocrisy of our change management team that I took a slightly long lunch and went jigsaw shopping at Vinnies.  This 400 piece one wasn't priced though, so they had to make up a price at the register.  The 1000 piece one I got was $5, so you'd think this would be $2.  No, they charged me $4.  #grunt.  Did it in early July on the window sil.  Complete too, surprisingly.

Kings Reach jigsaw

This was the other jigsaw I got that day.  The California coast line.  At 1000 pieces it's a bit of a struggle to fit on the window sil, and took a lot longer to do.  Also complete.

California coast jigsaw

It was very badly cut though - it'd gotten misaligned in the machine, so the cuts were too close and pieces were broken.

California coast jigsaw pieces

This one was in the break out area.  After a morning tea it was still there with most of the sky and water to be done.  So I finished it.  Whoops.

Sydney jigsaw

Had to dig into my supply of completed jigsaws for another small one to do at work.  Did it without the box, because the box has five jigsaws in it.  I did have photo from last time though. 

Tiger jigsaw

I was with Neil when he bought this.  I might have strongly encouraged him to do so, so that I could do it as well ;)  He never ended up doing it (he started at Christmas with his family but didn't finish it, and hadn't cleared space to do it at home).  So I borrowed it and did it in a weekend.  So much fun.

Movie Pun jigsaw

It has visual puns/clues for one hundred different movies.  I think I got about 3/5ths to begin with.  Then I looked at the location guide which lists the movies in alphabetical order.  From that I was able to guess some more movies, and realise some of my guesses were wrong because they were out of order.  From that I ended up with about 3/4 of the movies.

Spoilers ahead now. 

The problem with the jigsaw was the lack of resolution on some of the pictures.  Like this one.  It looks a bit like a black Admiral Ackbar, but is in fact Iron Lady.  Which maybe I would have had half a chance of getting if I could have seen her face.

Movie Pun jigsaw

Same with this one.  Looks like Airplane! to me, but was in fact Snakes on a Plane.  How am I meant to even see that?

Movie Pun jigsaw

Or this.  Some little kid sitting on a building.  How the heck are you meant to see that's Young Frankenstein?  You can *just* see it once you know.

Movie Pun jigsaw

This I thought was Super Eight until I saw the order was wrong.  Turns out it was The Angry Eight.

Movie Pun jigsaw

Some of them were a lot of fun to guess (like this one, guesses?).

Movie Pun jigsaw

Others even with the answer I was like.. how..?  This one took me *ages* to get even once I knew the answer.

Movie Pun jigsaw

Anyone see it?

And some were a bit of a stretch, like Reservoir Dogs

Movie Pun jigsaw

Definitely a lot of fun though.

And this other small one from the same pack as the tigers.

Kitten jigsaw

Fifty-one years ago this weekend the parental type people came down to Canberra to celebrate the opening of the Canberra Youth Hostel.

Mum took two photos up Black Mountain - one from the top, and one from the lookout part way up.  Unfortunately we'll be busy on the weekend so I won't be able to get the fifty-one year recreation, so you'll have to make do with my photos from 2016.

From part way up..

Canberra from Black Mountain, August 1968

Canberra from Black Mountain, December 2016

At the top

Canberra from Black Mountain, August 1968

Canberra from Black Mountain, September 2016

I love how Parkes Way just isn't there in 1968, and there seems to be a lot more trees around now..

Shoalhaven Zoo

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When we went to visit Kit and Pete in July, we went to Shoalhaven Zoo for the afternoon.  Actually quite a nice little zoo in a lovely setting on the Shoalhaven River north of Nowra.

Inland bearded dragon
Shoalhaven Zoo

Leopard tortoise
Shoalhaven Zoo

Pete on the slippery dip
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Stu and eastern grey joey
Shoalhaven Zoo

Eastern grey kangaroo joey
Shoalhaven Zoo

Lace monitor
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Harry the corella
Shoalhaven Zoo

Blue-winged kookaburra
Shoalhaven Zoo

Tawny frogmouth
Shoalhaven Zoo

Major mitchell cockatoo
Shoalhaven Zoo

Red-tailed black cockatoo
Shoalhaven Zoo

African grey parrot
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

White lion
Shoalhaven Zoo

Feeding the lions
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Lion cub
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven River
Shoalhaven Zoo

Kit and llamas
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Wedge tailed eagle (had been injured so couldn't fly)
Shoalhaven Zoo

Water bison
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

This tree-top ropes course looked like a lot of fun (closed the day we went because it was so windy)
Shoalhaven Zoo

Rock cavern
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

These little quails wouldn't let me get a good photo of them because they kept coming to investigate my phone
Shoalhaven Zoo

Common marmoset
Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo

Stu made a friend
Shoalhaven Zoo

Kit and Stu and the dachshund
Shoalhaven Zoo

Quite a lovely afternoon (except for it being *crazy* windy!)

Haven't done a lot of jigsaws this quarter.  Been too busy trying to sort out Lego so I can get it out of the house.  That, and most of the puzzles I have to do are 1500 plus pieces, which stay out for a long time and get quite distracting.  The smaller ones I can knock over and get done and out of the house a lot quicker.

David selected this one from my to-do pile when he came up in April (he'd brought it up on a previous occasion).  1500 pieces and we did it in a couple of days.  It's of a cute little town, Ramsau, in Germany.  When I went trying to find it (so I can go there one day ;) ) I found a live webcam setup in this exact spot.  I watched it for a while and there was a constant stream of people having their photos taken on the bridge :)

Ramsau jigsaw

I left it out for a while then, because I'm trying to declutter and wanted to give the jigsaw away, I pulled out the parts that David had mostly done, so that I could do them myself, so that I felt like I'd actually *done* the jigsaw before I gave it away :)

Ramsau jigsaw

Ramsau jigsaw

Even Stumpy came out to help :)

Ramsau jigsaw

This was a jigsaw I bought new from Kmart for a few dollars (I think).  David, Kat, Kit and I (I think) did it back in 2016.  I thought I'd do it again myself so that I could give it away.

Hot air balloon jigsaw

This one Kore gave to me when she came to visit in late 2011, and it had been sitting unopened downstairs ever since.  So it was good to finally do it.

Winsor Manor jigsaw

This one Lachie started and promptly gave up on.  He brought it in for me to do, and I couldn't resist starting it there and then.  Took quite a while to do at work (because I simply don't have the time; the best progresses I made on it were after work hours, and also I can't sort the pieces the way I would at home because people come along and mess them up).  But it was really nice to have a jigsaw nearby to do - great for when you need a brain break to just do it for a couple of minutes.

Smarties jigsaw

Smarties jigsaw

Smarties jigsaw

I'll do this again at home some time, maybe when David is here haha ;)

Smarties jigsaw

Marie Kondo

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So after Easter we only needed to take three days off to have ten days in a row off.  Connor was cool with me doing that, so that's just what I did :)  (The sweetie had to go to work on the Friday).

The mission for the break was to attack some of the clutter around the house.  I made a very long list before the break, knowing that we wouldn't get anywhere near getting it all done.  

Day 1.  Lesson 1.  Clothes.

We actually did what they did on the show (I've only seen the Netflix show, although Stu has read the book) and pulled all of our clothes from both cupboards and put them on the bed.  The pile was pretty big, bigger than I thought it would be, but smaller than most of the people on the show.  Then we through it all.  Stu actually got rid of a *lot* of clothes.  I didn't get rid of much.  And there's a couple of things in the give away pile that I might take back.  Even though they don't fit.  Just because they're a bit sentimental.

My clothes laid out on the bed

All our clothes laid out on the bed

The To Donate pile

Bedroom cupboard before

Bedroom cupboard after

Spare bedroom cupboard before

Spare bedroom cupboard after

Day 2 I attacked the linen cupboard.  It was actually relatively neat already, but I did pull out a few things to give away, and tidy a little.  I still want to get a few tubs for linen that's not used very often, to slow down the silverfish.

Linen cupboard before

Linen cupboard after

Day 3 I went for the pantry.  This actually took a couple of days, doing a shelf at a time.

Pantry before

Pantry after

Then I ran out of steam.  And David and Kat came to stay haha.

I did get to the gardening corner of the garage on the Friday.

Gardening corner before

Gardening corner after

So still a lot I want to get done.  Just have to take the odd random day off here and there ;) 

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