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747s are the most beautiful aircraft in the skies.  Concordes were too but they don't fly anymore.  A380s are just big and fat.  No the 747 was just beautiful.  And I am going to sorely miss them. 

My first flight on a 747 was on VH-ECB in 1983 when we went to America for the first time. This was taken at our stopover in Honolulu.  

VH-ECB in Honolulu

On the next leg of the flight, from Honolulu to LA, David and I were allowed to go up to the cockpit before we arrived into LA.  I remember seeing LA from the cockpit of that 747.

My last ever flight on a 747 was from Hong Kong to Sydney coming home from our East Asia cruise.  In fact the flight over and the flight back were both on 747s.  I was hoping to go up to the flight deck on one of those flights.  Unfortunately we very late getting into Hong Kong on the way over and didn't want to hassle them, and I was far too tired on the way back.  So that was the end of that.  Here is VH-OJS in Hong Kong, the last 747 I ever flew on.

VH-OJS in Hong Kong

The week before last, Qantas flew its last 747 around Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra for a series of farewell flights.

And as it turns out, I'd been on that particular 747 before - when she was painted bright red Wunala Dreaming in 2004.

Here she is at Sydney Airport next to VH-EBU (Nalanji Dreaming).

VH-OEJ and VH-EBU at Sydney Airport

And here she is at LA as we left for Denver.


Since I couldn't get a ticket for the joy flight out of Canberra because Qantas' website sux donkey balls, I did the next best thing and headed out with a bunch of planespotters to see a 747 in flight for likely the very last time (it got a lot more crowded than this later on).


I actually took this on my phone looking through binoculars.

747 in Canberra

There was a pretty strong southerly wind, and most flights were taking off to the south.  The tower asked which way they wanted to go, and they said they wanted to take off to the north, with the tail wind.  

VH-OEJ taking off from Canberra

VH-OEJ taking off from Canberra

They turned quite quickly round to the south - a lot more tightly than any of the commercial flights.  She passed round the back of Mt Ainslie behind the trees.

VH-OEJ rounding Mt Ainslie

And then headed down to the Snowy Mountains, so we all stood around waiting for three quarters of an hour.  We were all watching the radar for the return, and I spotted her first through the binoculars.

And then the flybys of Canberra.

First from the south up and over Mt Ainslie where we all were.

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

Going pretty slowly too - flaps were partly extended

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

Coming back over the airport

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

Did a loop, then came back the other way

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

VH-OEJ over Canberra

Then another loop and straight into land.

VH-OEJ landing in Canberra

Water cannon salute (C-130 taking off in the background)

Water canon salute

Water canon salute

Last week VH-OEJ left for the Mojave Desert to the aircraft graveyard :(  But on the way she left this goodbye..

747 farewell

Goodbye Queen of the Skies

Six Months

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I download photos from my Canon today.  For the first time since April.  And processed the photos.  For the first time since January.

In six months I've taken all of 155 photos on that camera.  Hrmmm.

I keep telling myself it would be different if I had a new camera.. that was still better in low light.. that could deal with difficult lighting as well as my phone.. 

The Canon 600D Dad got in about Feburary or March 2012.  I inherited it when he carked it.  So it's over eight years old now.  Still works fine, is just aging... 

I'd like to go back to mirrorless.. better idea of what you're going to get once you take the picture, and a lot quieter...  

I took this one morning at the end of January. 

Haunted sun

Got to see the DC-10 Air Tanker at the airport when I flew up for Ryan's birthday.

912 Air Tanker

Stikeez!!  This is all but two of the specials.  Kaibrya has a bagfull she'll send me if we ever go back to work, I might get lucky and get one of them in that.  I took this just before lockdown in March.


Rainbow in April


Happy tree in April

Happy tree

Black cockatoos in April.  Look at what the vandals are doing to this tree!!

Black cockatoo

Black cockatoo

Mess made by a black cockatoo

These were taken on a walk in late April

Red tree hill

Belco view

This first one took months.  3000 pieces and seemingly all browns.  I knew it wasn't going to be much fun when I got it.  I wouldn't have ever chosen this for myself, but a guy at work challenged me, so what can you do!?  I think I started it in January.  Once we'd slogged our way through enough of it, it was possible to do the Ravensburger trick of flipping half of it round 180 degrees and doing the top half on top of the bottom.  So it took months for the first half, and just a few days for the second.  We finished it over the Easter long weekend.

This is at the beginning of the weekend.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

This shows how the pieces would line up flipped to the other side.  I did use this technique a little bit in some of the sky, but even know exactly what shaped piece you need, there'd still be a couple of hundred pieces that all looked the same to choose from.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

I did all the sails on the ship on the left in a morning.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Filling in the left

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

All the sky (well, the standard shaped pieces anyway)

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Once all the dark stuff was done, all that was left was plain sky.  So I cut it in half - see the line - to flip the top around onto the bottom.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Like so

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Closer view

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Even closer

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

And the next day it was done!

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

To have a fun break, I got out the cupcakes jigsaw.  I've done this before so let David do most of it.  I'm debating whether I should give it away or not - it's so fun.

Cupcakes jigsaw

Then we started another section of the Disney behemoth.

Annoyingly, the colour on the left matched the colour on the right so closely I kept putting in the wrong pieces.  

Just look at this crap!

Annoying jigsaw

This is actually wrong!!

Annoying jigsaw

Did a lot of this by sitting one half atop the other.

Peter Pan jigsaw

Had a break in between and did a jigsaw of Alpensee.  It didn't have the exact lake name on the box, but figured it out from Google Earth and found where the photo was taken from.

Alpensee jigsaw

As a glutton for punishment, almost immediately after I finished that, I started The Little Mermaid section.  In some ways it was even tougher than Peter Pan.  There seemed to be unending blues.  It also suffered from colour being so similar on either side you could get things wrong.  I think the stars at the top were the worst for that on this one.

Little Mermaid jigsaw

We started another one after that, but it got put downstairs when we had some people over, and hasn't been brought back since.  

Finally we have one I picked up at the Green Shed the other week.  This was on the stand to be distributed to the shelves, so had only just been dropped off.  Grabbed it as I was queuing to pay.  This was fun because you couldn't put it together until you'd completed each little section of nine pieces, and had to assemble them to allow a maze to be solved.  Quite fun.  I did it by myself, then showed David the finished puzzle, then pulled it apart for him to do.

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Nepean Dam

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So last Sunday I added another Sydney Dam to my list and dropped in to see Nepean Dam.  Just a few minutes off the Hume Highway it's very easy to get to.  And *crowded* on a Sunday!

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Yesterday I scanned this photo of Dad's, taken in 1965 from the Harbour Bridge pylon.

Pylon lookout - 1965

Compare this with a photo I took in 2011 when I went up with Dave2.

Pylon lookout - 2011

Fun times!

I wonder how much it's changed in the past nine years.  I really should go back and go up it again some time.

Last week I started scanning slides of a trip Dad did to Central Australia in May 1964.  Just for fun I put together a panorama he did of Adelaide by night.  Four slides and Microsoft's Image Composite Editor handled it beautifully.

Adelaide by Night, May 1964

Just a fun couple of photos.

The first was taken by my Dad in 1976 (I scanned the slide this morning).

The second was taken by me in 2016.

Edit: I've added one from July 1990 to the middle!  Excuse my ugly mug, I was trying to frame it the same as the others ;)

Stanwell Tops 1976

Stanwell Tops 1990

Stanwell Tops 2016

Fun stuff.  Look at the difference in the houses in Stanwell Park, and the reclamation of the beach.

I didn't do much of this - it was in the break area at work.  But I did contribute so that counts right? :)

Dolphins jigsaw

Did this one at home.  The blue was pretty tough because all the pieces are the same shape and it was fairly blurry.  I think it might have come from the Green Shed, so was impressive that it was complete.

Kittens jigsaw

Mum brought this down at Christmas and I smashed it out in the first week back at work.  Nice and simple.

Mountain Lake jigsaw

Another complete one from the Green Shed that I did at work.

Sailing jigsaw

A $2 cheapie from Kmart.  These things are pretty flimsy cheap made in China stuff, but for $2 who cares.

Carousel jigsaw

And another complete one from the Green Shed (hattrick!!) that I did at work.  This one was a little tricky in the grass and mountains because the cut was so generous and similar that pieces would fit even if they were wrong.

Lake Louise jigsaw

So not a lot this quarter.  We've been working on a horrible 3000 piece one on the dining table that's been going since January.  A guy at work had it and challenged me with it.  I'm only doing it so I can get it out of the house....

USA Geotagging

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It was surprisingly easy to geotag my photos from twenty years ago!  Who knew!?  Mostly because they were of fairly obvious things.  And to be fair, I geotagged the flights back in 2005 when Google Earth first came out.  There were only a few that were a bit tricky, and only a couple I couldn't get at all (eg some brownstones in Brooklyn that had no photos half an hour either side so could have been literally anywhere in Brooklyn, or a couple of photos in Sonoma wine country that could have again been anywhere, and the one of endless fields in Nebraska).  Some were a bit of a fudge (the ferry to Alcatraz).  I was also a little disturbed that I could so the World Trade Centre photos with precision as well.  Not sure why I felt so strange about that.  Also freaky just how much *hasn't* changed in twenty years.  Like Storybook Land in flowers in Disneyland.

LA to San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco geotagging

San Francisco to New York geotagging

New York geotagging

New York to DC geotagging

DC geotagging

DC to LA geotagging

Disneyland geotagging

David brought this up on one of his visits earlier in the year.  A little tricky because all the pieces are the same shape.

Uluru jigsaw

I did this at work because it was only 750 pieces and fits in the space I work on them in.  Have done it before.

Undersea jigsaw

I think I may have gotten this at Vinnies.  A nice easy little one I did at work.

Portual jigsaw

David brought this one as well and we did it together.  I'll have to do it again myself one day before I can give it away ;)

New York jigsaw

Mum brought this at Christmas, done in a minute or so.

Parrot jigsaw

I got this out so we could do it one year to the day after I actually went to St Lucia :)

St Lucia jigsaw

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