Cotter Dam open day (take 2)

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On Saturday they had another open day at Cotter Dam.  Except this time you had to book tickets in advance.  So the whole was much more pleasant and civilised than last time, which involved lots of standing around trying to shelter from the rain and getting stressed over people pushing in trying to get onto the buses.

Pleasant waiting area
Cotter bend
View of the old dam, quarry, piles of rocks for the new dam, and one of the saddle dams
Cotter Dam construction
Face of rock where the new dam will be constructed
Cotter Dam construction
One of the completed saddle dams
Saddle dam
Truck bringing rock from the quarry up for processing
Dump truck full of rocks
The top path is where we got to get out and take photos.  The middle path is where we went last time, but couldn't get out this time :(
Cotter Dam open day GPS track

After the bus trip, went on the Discovery Trail again

The old little bridge across the Cotter River was swept away last year
Bridge all gone
Cotter Dam from the Discovery Trail
Cotter Dam
European Wasp in the car park

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