Sunny Sunday

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Lovely day today.  Although the wind had a bit of a chill in it!

Headed out for brunch.  Went to Black Pepper which is our main haunt.  Service is often a little slow there, but today was particularly bad.  Got there at 10:35, but they said there would be a 15-20 minute wait for a table.  So we went for a walk.  

Gak Gak bird flying
Gak Gak bird flying

Came back at 10:55 and were seated straight away.  But didn't get our food until 11:40 :(:( So was very hungry by that stage.  But the food is pretty good and today was no exception.

Went for a trip to the other side of the lake afterwards to feed the birdies (and the little fishies).


Autumn colours were all over the place (I still haven't taken many for the RiotACT), the red is at home.

Autumn gold
Autumn red

Some bugs at home..

A little butterfly
And these little bastards are destroying the cherry tree :(  Hoping it's got enough energy to come back ok next spring, and then might need to figure out how the heck I can stop them if they come back next year :(
Cherry tree bug

Other than that, really just read news feeds all afternoon (and put away the two jigsaws).


Missy said:

Some lovely pictures! Thanks, as always, for sharing!

April 18, 2011 4:41 AM


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