Why you do dis, Mum?

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Back in June I posted a photo of the loco at the Zig Zag railway, apparently taken on Mum's birthday, because that was the date she'd written on her print.  

Except it wasn't on her birthday.

The other week I was scanning Dad's slides of the trip.  All of them from that day were labelled the 22nd June.  For some very very strange reason (why, Mum, why????) she'd crossed out the date on just that slide and written her birthday on it.  Why why why? :)

Why you do dis Mum?


Sylvia Johnson said:

All I can suggest is that the date seems to say 12/6 instead of 22/6 and I decided to change it to the correct date and accidentally wrote my birthday. Oops! As the next number would have been 12, dad was probably thinking of that when he wrote the date.

October 5, 2020 9:38 PM


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