Third Quarter Jigsaws

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I had a few more photos in this folder I was going to post, but since David did the jigsaws not me (other than a bit of help here and there) I probably shouldn't.

Which makes for a pretty lean post for this quarter.  I've just been so fricken busy.  Who says the pandemic lockdown gives people more time?!?  Not me!!

I think this was an opshop find of David's.  Moraine Lake in Canada (been there!)  I did it, then pulled it apart and let David do it.  Someone had spilt something on some of the pieces which was a bit sad.  Pretty easy jigsaw to do because a lot of piece variety and easy to tell orientation.

Moraine Lake jigsaw

Another opshop find of David's I think.  This was of Milan Cathedral rooftop, which I would have been to this year if it weren't for Covid :(  While secondhand, it had actually never been opened so we were the first to do it.  David started it first but hated it because the piece quality was abysmal - when you placed a piece, several other pieces would come adrift.  I called it a 5000 piece jigsaw, becuase you had to redo all the pieces like five times each.  He didn't quite rage quit, but he didn't bother to do the sky.  I pulled it apart but kept the sky separate - little point resorting it all.

Milan jigsaw

This one belongs to Duncan at work.  It was also brand new when I did it.  Actually I started it wayyyy back before the pandemic lock down.  It was nearly finished when I left it, and I only pulled it out again a few weeks back and finished it off.

Stamps jigsaw

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