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ok so it's a little late. Actually I've had the FridayQ website up in a browser window *all week* waiting for me to get around to doing it.

FQ1: What's the coldest you've ever been and where was that?
Dunno about coldest ever. One time many years ago we stayed in Perisher just after the ski season and I went outside one morning in bare feet and realised it was very cold and I wouldn't be able to stay long. Last time at the snow I had to stop skiing and warm up my wet hands that were starting to go numb.

FQ2: What's the warmest you've ever been and where was that?
Again, plenty of times I've been hot but don't know hottest ever. This week was pretty hot, but not humid so bearable. I once was on a bushwalk and started to get a little delirious, and the people I was with said I had heatstroke.

FQ3: If you had to choose, would you rather be too warm or too cold?
Too cold - it's easier to warm up than it is is to cool down.

FQ Ego: What's a moment you were at your coolest? Your hottest?
I don't think I've ever been either. Except perhaps at NY2K, where I had rather a slinky little top on (see the pic at the top of my blog)

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