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The only significant event of the weekend this weekend was the Ball we went to last night.

The minor problem of the whole night being I hadn't worn the dress I wore in nearly two years.  I think I've put on a heap of weight since then :(  So it was nearly a big disaster.  Felt like I was in a straight jacket all night.  Took a good three champagnes before I finally started to relax.  Speaking of which, they friggen ran out of champagne!!?!?  How epic fail is that?  

Anyway, it was quite a fun night.  Even danced (I'm allergic to dancing) and the sweetie even danced with us.  And Chris snuck us a bottle of wine to take home hehe :)

Some of our table at the ball
Bradman Room at Manuka Oval
The sweetie and me
Lamb entree - lovely and tender
Entree at the ball
Chicken main - not too bad
Dinner at the ball
I claimed the Queen of Hearts card
Queen of hearts

Chris and his Astin Martin
Chris and his Astin Martin
Other than that we mostly just moaned in sickness for the rest of the weekend.  Stu wanted to get some fish and plants so we took the car for a wash and had subway for lunch, and I got a new guppy as well.  Didn't realise how few healthy guppies I have left :(

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