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MSR Groupshot has been released for public download. "What on earth is that?" I hear you ask. Well. You know how you take a group photo and there's always someone blinking, or pulling a stupid face, or some kid that's just not looking at the camera. Well, enter MSR Groupshot. Let's just say you're trying to get everyone to stick their tongue out at the same time. But only one at a time does over three photos (ok, so for the purposes of this demonstration this was a deliberate process :) ). We end up with three raw images:




Then you use MSR Groupshot to take your favourite image, and add the bits that you want from the other images. To end up with the result that you wanted:



Aurelius said:

Cool idea. Surprised no-one's done it before.

September 11, 2006 6:13 PM


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