FQ TOPIC: Fearful

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FQ1: What is the biggest fear you've had to face? Now that it's over, would it scare you to confront it again?
Having to rebuild a production commercial web server in the middle of the night when it died in a heap.
Beyond belief.

FQ2: What is your greatest fear that you've not yet met? If you were paid loads of money, would you willingly face it?
Having my house burnt down.
Never. I'm the sort of person that gets attached to inanimate objects, and I get distressed when I lose them.

FQ3: What is something most people are afraid of, but you don't have a problem with? Why do you think that is?
I know I'm going to heaven, which will be a helluva lot better than being on earth

FQ Movie Night: Your readers are looking for a thrill! What's the scariest scene from a movie you've ever seen?
Friday the 13th. It scarred me for life. It didn't help that I was 11 when I saw it.
Oh I just reread that - scariest *scene* .. um.. the worst one from Friday the 13th was where Jason squeezes someone's skull til it pops and the eyeballs pop out.

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